Culture and Tourism
Culture and Tourism

4.       Weinan Region, a Trove for Tourism and Culture

Against her historic background and the arresting beauty of many of her landscapes, Weinan is a trove for admirers of Chinese history, as well for lovers of the beauty of many places of her territory.

4.1      History of Weinan (Abstract)

The fertile region of Guanzhong Plain and of the front end of Loess Plateau, along with a favourable climate, knew human conglomerations in earliest prehistoric times of mankind already, which hark back to Pleistocene (e. g. Lantian Man, found in this district, formerly allocated to Weinan, Banpo culture, Dali Man found in Dali County).

During prehistoric times until 1127 (fall of Northern Song Dynasty), Weinan and her area were involved directly in the longstanding history of our country for a period of more than 2700 years. The area enjoyed this privilege, though, in most instances, as a passive “march-through” territory, which had to provide the logistic conditions for imperial events happening, eventually, at other places (Courts in Chang’an,Luoyang,Kaifeng) during a startlingly churning period of history. None the less, farmers ploughed and re-ploughed their fields, and were able to grow a noteworthy number of illustrious persons throughout China’s history.>>>See more 

Based and annealed on such grounds, Weinan could not only develop agriculture to an astonishing high level, but also attract important industries. For the benefit of her population, the City is determined to avail of her history and her unique position as a pole-City of Shaanxi Province and, simultaneously, of Guanzhong-Tianshui Development Area (GTDA), to provide historic coherence as an administrative entity and to support further development , also on an international level.

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