Administrative Regulations
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1. Introduction

1.1 Location and Seat of the City’s Municipal Government 1.1 For some more detailed Understanding of Weinan City Region

1.1.1 Address

1.1.2 Communication:

1.1.3 Road Map to Weinan City proper, prefectural Cities and Counties
1.1.3  Address, Communication (Roads), Google Maps
1.1.4 Map of Weinan City Proper/ Linwei Distr, Prefect. Cities, Counties

2.Natural Facts of WeinanCity 2. Details on Natural Facts of Weinan City  

2.1 Geographic. Position

2.2 Borders

2.3 Geography cum Geology, Vegetation, Fauna 2.3.1 Geography

2.3.2 Geology,


2.3.3 Fauna

2.3.4 Climate

2.3.5 Population

3.Essential Infrastructure of Weinan City,Total Region 3. A Weinan’s prefectural Cities and Counties, Infrastructure and Living Conditions


3.1 Rollout Inaugural Location Address, Communication Nos.

3.2 Organization Chart of Weinan Mun. Govt.
3.2 Organisation Chart of Weinan Municipal Government
3.3  Traffic-System

3.3.1 Roads Logistic Details (Roads):             

3.3.2 Railway Connections (City Proper)

3.3.3 Airway Connections

3.4 Utility-Services (Electricity, Gas, Heat, Water etc.) Hancheng Utilities 3.4.a  Details on Utility-Services in Weinan City Proper,>>> Electricity Prices >>> Gas Consumption 3.4.b    Details on Prices for Energy and Water in Weinan, prefect. Cities and Counties
3.5 Living Environment Hancheng Living Environment

3.5.1 Housing

3.5.2 Sports Facilities

3.5.3 Schools:

3.5.4 Hospitals

3.5.5 Leisure

3. A.2 Huayin City

Inaugural Location Address, Communication Nos.

Logistic Details (Roads):   

Huayin Utilities

Hancheng Living Environment

3. B.1 Heyang County

Inaugural Location Address, Communication Nos.

Logistic Details (Roads):            

Huayin Utilities

Huayin Living Environment

3.B.2 Chengcheng County

3.B.3 Baishui County

3.B.4Tongguan County

3.B.5 Pucheng County

3.B.6 Fuping County

3.B.7 Dali County

3.B.8 Hua County

4. Weinan Region, a Trove for Tourism and Culture

4.1 History of Weinan (Abstract) 4.1 Some Details on History of Weinan (Abstract)

4.2 Cultural Particulars of Weinan

4.3 Entertainment Sightseeing,
4.3 a Tourism List of Hotels 4.3 b Tourism, Sightseeing, Scenic Spots
5.Weinan’s Economy & Industry

5.1  Overview,Weinan City Region Economy

5.1.1 Inaugural, Strategic Plan incl. Logistic and Edu-Centre

5.1.2 Weinan’s Cluster industries

5.1.3 Economic Data Weinan City Region (Assorted)

5.1.4 Essential Economic Data (Assorted) for prefectural Cities and Counties

5.1.5 For official economic Regulations

5.2   Weinan’s Industry

5.2.1 Inaugural

5.2.2 Development Zones ofWeinanCityRegion Ad 5.2.2 Weinan’s Development Zones

5.2.3 Prefectural Cities and Counties of Weinan City Region Ad 5.2.2 Weinan High-Tech Development  and Experimental Zone (WNHZ)A.1 5.2.3 Weinan Counties,Industrial Parks
5.3 Logos of essential Companies of Weinan(Picts) Ad 5,2.2Weinan Economic & Technical Development Zone (WNETDZ) A.2 5.2.3 Hancheng "Longmen" Industrial Park A1 Inaugural: Location: Logistic Advantages Utilities(Energy and Water), Living Environment Industries(Park only) Handling of Applications Ess.Preferential.Policies

Ad 5.2.2 Luyanghu Industry Development Zone(LIDZ) A.3 Ad 5.2.3 Huayin City Luofu Industrial Park A.2 Inaugural: Location: Logistic Advantages Utilities(Energy and Water), Living Environment Industries (Park only) Handling of Applications Ess.Preferential. Policies Special Services

5.2.3 Heyang County Industrial Park B.1

5.2.3Chengcheng CountyIndustrial Park B.2

5.2.3 Baishui County Industrial Park B.3

Ad 5.2.3 Tongguan County Industrial Park B.4

Ad 5.2.3 Pucheng County Industrial Park B.5

Ad 5.2.3 Fuping County Industrial Park B.6

Ad 5.2.3 Dali County Industrial Park B.7

Ad 5.2.3 Hua County Industrial Park B.8
6. Town Hall’s Information.

6.1 Why Weinan Weinan is well worth a visit and stay, Nature has also left rich resources, Industry-cum industry clusters have taken shape Infrastructure cum Roads, Rail, Air, Energy and water is available Weinan is the eastern Pole-City of Shaanxi Province, Land for agriculture, but also for construction industries, is, similarly, abounding 6.2 Targets for Weinan in 2013 6.3 Application of Foreign Investments Projects in Weinan   6.4 Preferential Policies(General Regulations) of Weinan City

6.4.1 General Preferential Policies (General Regulations) of Weinan City

6.4.2 General Rules for Preferential Policies in Weinan City Development Zones WNHZ and WNETDZ

6.4.3 WNHZ Special Preferential Policies

6.4.4 WNHZ Special Preferential Policies

6.4.5 Preferential Policies of Luyanghu Industry Development Zone (LIDZ)
7. News & Events

8. Contacts

9. Administrative Regulations

9.1 WS Terms of Use

9.1.1 Copyright

9.1.2 Disclaimer

9.1.3 Acceptable Use of this Web Site

9.2 Imprint of Weinan City Web Site

9.2.1 Responsible Operator and Owner

9.2.2 Design

9.2.3 Technical Services

9.4 Sitemap

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