Culture and Tourism
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4.2      Culture Particulars of Weinan

For admiers of Chinese opera : Weinan Region is the origin of the “Bangzi”-Opera, a special type of opera being influenced by Qin, Tongzhou, Wanwan, Mihu and Egong Operas.It is best known fpr its distinct local tints, and scenarios.

Stone carving and wood is another local folk art.

Also pictures and sculptures made by straw and dried flour pieces glued their canvas was a widespread folk art, which has now shrunken, as told, however, to just one county (Chengcheng).

The preparation of coloured shadow figures by a unique technique, however, is still common in Hua County, as the only place in China for the mastering of this art.

As regards local dishes, there are samples galore throughout Weinan (e. g. Tongguan “Bentu Wa”, a stowed and roasted chicken; “He Luo” , buckwheat noodles; “Ji Cai”, a spring roll filled with special vegetable,Tongguan pickles, which have now become a Shaanxi cultural heritage) the Region embracing110 towns, 73 townships, 13 sub-districts, 196 town and township offices, 180 community committees, 3,221 village committees and 17,882 village groups,is country-wide famous for.

Lu yang hu, Leisure Time and Sports Lake, Pucheng County

As a contemporary contribution to Weinan Region’s international  creative art, a keen look should be given to the“Fule International Ceramic Museums of Modern Art” For details>>>see here

4.3      Entertainment Sightseeing,

>>> For Entertainment, respective local facilities are available according to local preferences.

>>> Regarding sightseeing, Weinan City, based on her history and many splendid scenic locations, avails of a multitude of opportunities.

To be mentioned above all (sequence N to S):

>Hancheng (old City, Dangjia Vilage, Tomb of Si Ma-qian,Longmen Straitsof Yellow River)

>Baishui, Chengcheng (The particular bauty of Loess Plateau formations of landscape)

>Tongguan and Dali (the fascinating wetlands next to Yellow River; in Dali also Shao Yuan, a unique landscape in terms
  of geology, but also a dorado for motor sports)

>Huayin and Huaxian for the tourism on the grandiose Hua Mountainand the unique Shao Hua Mountain world

>>>see more

Note: The sightseeing treasures mentioned on this Web Site are only those of the Weinan Region, not to mention wads of others throughout total Shaanxi (incl. proximate Cities) and of the neighbouring provinces, presentation of which exceeds the intention of this Site.

>>> List of Hotels (Tabulated) (City Proper and Counties

>>>see here

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