Economy and Industry
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5.     Weinan's Economy & Industry

Weinan City Chemical Factory

The City of Weinan, although having developed greatly during the past five years, is due in and prepared for tougher,  more elaborate, more ecological and more innovative measures to showcase existing advantages – also with a view to       international business - as the eastern "Pole City"of Shaanxi Province.

5.1      Overview, Weinan City Region Economy

5.1.1    Inaugural, Strategic Plan incl. Logistic and Edu-Centre

Weinan has longstanding industries, but so far hardly made an eye-catching appearance for her industrial performance, particularly, not on an international level. This shall be changed.

>>Firstly, by request of City, regarding her performance so far, and her advantages and opportunities, has no reason to "hide her light under 
     a bushel".

>>Secondly, because tougher requirements to her and the industries call for more tougher,  more elaborate, more ecological and more
     innovative measures to showcase existing advantages – also with a view to international business - as the eastern "Pole City" of Shaanxi
     Province,at the reach of at least two other provinces (Shanxi, Henan) and their economies.

     As a third-tier City, at the eastern pole City at the eastern Gate of Shaanxi Province, Weinan has, in fact, "done a respectable job".

     And although her targets for this year '13 are tough, amidst a sensitive slowdown of economy, even in China, the City is bracing up, again, for
     the success homed in so far. For targets in key figures  >>>see here

     Why such optimism?

>>>The City and her industries are poised to upgrade their pivotal and their cluster industries;

>>>The City will intensify her clusters by a top-grade platform for the logistic industry  >>>see here 

>>>The City will crank up her efforts to attract more domestic industry and to "go international", for foreign investment, while highlighting her comparative advantages;

>>>The City will extend the reputed Vocational Training Centre to provide industry with more manpower desired.

       all, beyond the regular annual business targets requested from her.Targets to be checked.

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