Economy and Industry
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5.1.2    Weinan's Cluster industries

Jin Duicheng, Largest Molybdenum Mining and Production Company of China

>>> The Cluster of "Fine chemical engineering",

>>> Mainly represented mainly by Weinan Chemical Engineering, Shaanxi Chemical Engineering Group, Pucheng 

        Chemical Engineering
        Group, based on large coal fields in Heyang, Baishui Counties. R&D for industrialisation of Coal, methanol dimethyl
        ether, olefin).

>>>The Clusters of "Metallurgy",

>>> represented mainly by

>> Jinduicheng Molybdenum Industrial Group, based on large occurrences in the Region of Weinan City (China's Molybdenum Valley;       1.5 mn. to, 2nd position in CN);

>> Diverse Gold processing companies in Tongguan County, based on reserves of gold (exp.217,000 to, i. e. 50% of the             province's resources);

>> Joint Industrial Chain of aluminum-electricity;

>> Operation, based on running projects for a production of 0.85 mn t of electrolytic aluminium, 0,2 mn.t. of alu-alloys and             plate-band material;

>> Longmen Steel Group, based on running projects for advanced steel products, utilization of coke oven gas and cyclic waste heat

>>>The Cluster of "Equipment manufacturing",

          >> Mainly represented mainly by Shaanxi  Zhonglian Zhongke Earth Moving Company Ltd, based on running project to e. g. produce earth-moving machines,cold and hot tandem rolling machines, forestry
             machines, farming machines;

          >> Shaanxi Calendering Equipment Plant; based on running project to produce manufacturing equipment for turning garbage into resources, special purpose capacitors:

          >> Shaanxi Bairen Printing Machinery Plant: based on running projects to produce intaglio printing machines, flexible printing machines;

          >> Shaanxi Weinan Textile Machinery Plant, based on running projects to produce high-grade textile machines

>>>The Cluster of "Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection",

         Mainly represented by

          >> Shaanxi Zizhao Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. for running projects to manufacturing equipment for the recycling of solid waste ( esp. of stone waste, coal gangues, farming and forestry waste, industrial
              solid waste )    into new materials ar for final disposal;

>>>The Cluster of "New Energy Resources and New Materials"

         Mainly represented by

          >> Xi'an Re-shaping ement Weinan Photoelectric Technol. Corp Ltd.(Shaanxi Coal Group) for R&D cum production of 600mw LEDs ;

          >> Shuntian Energy, Science &Technol. Corp. Ltd. for R&D cum production of CIGS solar batteries, Xuntian new energy resources of high-energy batteries;

          >> Also, the installation of new generation windparks in Tongguan,  Hancheng, Heyang, Baishui Counties shall be propelled;

          >> The biomass power energy production in Fuping and Pucheng shall be expedited.

>>>The Cluster of "All-purpose Aviation"

>>> Mainly represented and expedited by Luyanghu Industry Development Zone (LIDZ),part-manufacturing companies for the "all-purpose aviation industry" shall be attracted as an important target of the Zone;

        The Zone will, beyond this, will offer services for flight trainings and organize the annual All-Purpose Aviation Festival cum Conference;

>>> Also, the LIDZ will install an airport goods flow base and serve as a sally port as a link with the regular aviation industry.

        To this end, the establishment of Neifu All-purpose Airport shall be spurred.

>>> The Cluster of "Biomedicines",

>>> Seated in the Qin Ling Biomedicine Park of Hua County; the cluster Companies are under guidance of domestic, reputed universities and colleges; they are supposed to ensure R&D cum production of
       natural medicines,advanced TCM and healthcare products. In addition, companies focussing on R&D cum production of medical instruments are eligible to the Park.

>>>The Cluster of "Food Processing",

        Mainly represented by subsidiaries of Jiangsu Yurun Group, Tianjin Yayi Group, Shandon Andrew Fruit Juic Inc.;

        The cluster shall further consist of grain, oil, fruits and vegetable milk processing companies. Further to this, vegetable processing industry shall be developed in the North of Weinan. Further large food producing
        and processing projects on an ecological basis are in the offing on behalf of this cluster.

>>>The Platform for "Logistic Industry"(Construction in Progress).

>>> This Platform is going to be established in Tongguan County, where it will be well placed at the intersection of motorways and roads, also of important railroads going to and coming from two adjoining provinces
       (Shanxi and Henan). But also Roads and cargo Rail traffic from and to Europe cum North-Asia and the East, Southeast and South of the Country are intersecting here.The platform is now under construction
       and is going to be ready with its essential pertaining infrastructure on a temporary surface of 8 km² Main target will be to attracting logistic companies looking for a service-efficient trans-shipment cum
       warehouse centre, but it shall, in addition, be accepting also respective service and manufacturing industries.
       The platform should proffer an attractive hub for the domestic and international logistic transportation industry mediating transport from and to Europe, including transports to and from the a. m. centres in China.

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