Economy and Industry
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5.2        Weinan's Industry

5.2.1      Inaugural

Factory Alley within Weinan Chemical Company

Weinan, a calm City Region at the eastern border of Shaanxi Province?

Against possible first appearance, this is not quite so.

Viewers of this Web Site may note the City's growing success from different constellations.

Unlike many other Cities, Weinan does not harbour and centre the bulk of her industry in the City proper. Industries, to a large extent, are spread over the entire administered Region, hence, have to be sought in the City proper, prefectural Cities and the Counties. The reason here for is the history of the genesis of Weinan City. Any rash  appraisal, however, may therefore lead to fallacies.

Given the vast and fertile Guanzhong Plain, it is obvious and understandable that Weinan area emanates from a classical agricultural environment. Agriculture, along with its pertaining processing industries, is still a very strong source of income for Weinan City

Based on its rich mineral resources (above all coal, molybdenum, gold, stone) and on ongoing attempts to attract modern advanced industries, as far as conspicuous advantages can be shown to them (see e. g. above, Item 5.1.2, logistic platform; equipment manufacturing; industries, upon changed economic conditions, seeking for cost-effective manufacturing locations), other industries take growing interest in this Weinan Region.

All of these industries have their own history, and they developed with their own dynamics.
This development is a boon: while the different regional centres are fencing “on their own”, as far as legally permissible, they developed their own way to tackle economic challenges, with ongoing success, as appearance shows.

This image may also imply a "bane", however, insofar as such development may not promote the sort of overarching "inter-company spirit" being in demand for an effective performance of regional industrial concepts as a whole. Weinan Government is yet aware of these circumstances and is engineering the bridging of this situation to the extent highlighted by the economic figures>>>see here

Bearing this situation in mind, the essentials for the Development Zones, the prefectural Cities and the Counties are shown herein under.

5.2.2   Development Zones of Weinan City Region

  For more details>>>see here

5.2.3   Prefectural Cities and Counties of Weinan City Region

  For more details>>>see here 

5.3      Logos of essential Companies of Weinan See below

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