Economy and Industry
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5.2.2    Weinan's Development Zones

Although Weinan’s development Zones have all supporting facilities in place, their attractiveness is a special one , owing to the, partly, widespread distribution of the industry centres. Where they are hosting clusters, however, their importance is obvious.

Weinan City has three Development Zones in place. See below.

5.2.2    Weinan High-Tech Development  and Experimental Zone (WNHZ)



WNHZ is a longstanding Institution, founded in 1988 as a provincial Zone, and was approved as a National High-tech Zone under the guidance of the National Ministry for Science &Technology in 2010.

The Zone focusses, predominantly, on high-tech enterprises of the electrical/electronic industry, also on the IT-industry including creative industry

It enjoys the preference of hosting assiduous and ingenious enterprises, which have kindly contributed, next to their own success,  to WNHZ’s present reputation.

Here some keyword pieces of information

>>> Location, Communication Numbers:

>>> Situated in the West of WeinanCity

>>> Planned area: 31.km²

>>> Developed area:10 km² 

>>> Address, Communication Nos:

 >> Address: No. 16, Chongye Rd.(Venture Buildg. High-tech Zone)Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

 >> Tel.. No.: +86/ 0913/ 2115706 (English speaking interlocutor)


 >> Web:www.whnz, (Chinese)

>>>  Road Finder : >>>see here

>>>  Logistic advantages

Access to the Motorway artery Xi’an-Zhengzhou : 1 km South of Weinan City and at easy reach

Further Transport logistics advantages:

>>>Swift access to National Road G 108 to Beijing or Kunming

>>>Access to all essential national and provincial Roads in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan Provinces,

>>Way to Airport Xi’an (98 km) very convenient, as attainable completely on motorways,

>>Immediate railway connection for transports on Longhai Eurasian Cargo-Line to Europe or to Lianyungang  Deep-Sea Port (Northern Jiangsu Province

>>>   Infrastructure: completely developed>>>see more 

>>>   Industries available:

So far in six separate parks within WHHZ:

>> Fine chemical engineering,

>> Equipment manufacturing ,

>> Biomedicine,

>> New Energy Resources and New Materials,

>> Food Processing

>> No. of companies: 27

>>>   Handling of Applications by prospective. investors:

>Provided, all application documents of applicants are complete:

>> For application requirements>>>see here 

>> Preferential Policiesfor Weinan City Development Zones>>>see here            

>>>   Education/Vocational training:

Facilities for vocational trainings “on the job” available in WHTDEZ and in the vocational Training Centre of Weinan (a well-known and appreciated institutions

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