Economy and Industry
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A.2     Weinan Economic & Technical Development Zone (WNETDZ)

>>>   Introduction

WNETDZ is a Development Zone on Provincial Level, founded I.?

The Zone is focussing on high-endenterprises of the classic mechanical and electrical industries, also of food processing industry, as well as of trading and technical service industries. WNETDZ is very successfully operating with its concept.

>>>   Location:

>>>Situated in the North of Weinan City

>>>Planned area: 144.5 km²

>>>Infrastructure Area: 50 km²

>>> Address, Communication Nos:

> Address: Indutrial Ave.

> 714019 Weinan North

> Tel.. No.:+86/ (0)913/ 819 98 16

>  E-Mail: 

>  Web:

>>> Road Finder: >>>semore

>>> Logistic Advantages

>>Access to the Motorway artery Xi’an-Zhengzhou :via the Motorway coming from Pucheng (North of Weinen):  1 km North  of WETDZ, and at easy reach.

>>Further Transport logistics advantages:

>> Swift access to National Road G 108 to

>> Access to all essential national and provincial Roads in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan Provinces,

> Way to Airport Xi’an  (95 km)very convenient, as attainable completely on motorways,

> Immediate railway connection for transports on Longhai Eurasian Cargo-Line to Europe or to Lianyungang  Deep-Sea Port (Northern Jiangsu Province

>>>  Infrastructure:

Completely developed  >>>see more

>>>   Industries:

>>Energy conservation and environmental protection,

>>The. modern material industry (cluster),

>>The mechanical and electric/electronic industry (cluster)

>>The agricultural products processing Industry (cluster)

No.of companies: 53 26 projects signed including those comprising investment of ~RMB 100 mn.

>>>   Handling of Applications: >>>see here

>>>   Preferential Policies: >>>see here ,andsee here.

>>>   Special Services:(next to the regular administrative services):

>> Public welfare programmes will pay 50% of infrastructure supporting fees;

>> Socially active projects are free from a number of fees;

>> Private and public social institutions enjoy the same preferential policies.

>>>   Education/Vocational training:

Facilities for vocational trainings “on the job” available in WNETDZ and in the vocational Training Centre of Weinan (a well-known and appreciated institution)

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