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A.3 Luyanghu Industry Development Zone (LIDZ)

>>>   Introduction:

LIDZ is a Zone, approved by the Provincial Government of Shaanxi infor the support of Yanliang National High-Tech. Industrial Base (CAIB).

Its main Target is the attraction of part-manufacturing companies for the “All-purpose aviation industry”.

The Zone will, beyond this, offer services for flight trainings and organize the annual All-Purpose Aviation Festival cum Conference.

Also, LIDZ will install an airport logistic base for the flow of goods and serve as a sally port and as a link with the regular aviation industry.

To this end, the establishment of Neifu All-purpose Airport shall be spurred

>>>   Location:

>>Situated: 15km South of Pucheng  County

>>Total projected area:  124 km²

>>Developed area: 4.7 km²

>> Address, Communication Nos:

> Address: Luyanghu Administrative Committee

Luyanghu Industry Development Zone

Tel.. No.: 0913/ 3338000  (Chinese)

>>>   Road Finder: >>>see here

>>>   Infrastructure:

The Zone is being developed for flight trainings and for the manufacturing of aviation parts. Based on a tight co-operation with CAIB ( see above), THERE are good chances for a swift  attraction of the industry for general aviation

LIDZ's infrastructure will meet requirements of its customers in all respects.

>>>   Industries:

>>Small aircraft parts-manufacturing companies; attraction of such companies as a main target.

>>Flight training institutions operating within the permitted airspace (20 km²area, max. height: 2,000 m)

>>>   Advantages

Logistics:LIDZ is situated at a location being about 15 km south of Pucheng County  and in easy reach of the motorway leading from Pucheng to the major motorway artery from Xi’an to Zhengzhou/Henan. Distance to Fuping is about 20 km, to Yanliang  (CAIB, the only exclusive aviation zone of China) 12 km. All roads are convenient and well prepared.

Resources, land: available in abundance ( ~ 50,000 ha) ;

Resources Water: in the catchment area of two rivers (Yellow River and Luo River) ground and surface water available profusely;

Resource el. power: 2 substations (300 kV) in reach of 2 and 5 and 7 km, respectively;

Resource manpower: available, and may be further trained on the job in the Vocational Training Centre of Weinan City>>>see here 

>>>   Handling of Applications:

For the application documents to be submitted by applicants >>>see here

>>>   Preferential Policies: >>>see here

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