Economy and Industry
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5.2.3 Tongguan County by its Assorted Economical Data in 2013

China Gold Process Co., Tongguan County

B.4  Tongguan Industrial Park

>>>   Inaugural:

The Park has to be understood as “SME pioneering base, relying on various types of Gold mining and gold processing.

The park is divided into four functional sections: accumulation section, processing section, ornament trading section, cyclic economic section.

>>>   Location:

>> Projected area: 54 km²

>> Address, Communication Nos:

> Address:Tongguan Industrial park, Tongguan County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

> Tel.: 0913-330 52 32 (CN)

> E-Mail:

> Post code: 714399

> Contact also +86/ 29/ 8450 28 06 (EN);,

>>>   Road Finder:>>>see here

>>>   Logistic Advantages:

Access to

>> Road arteries: easy access to the Motorway Xi’an-Zhengzhou/ Henan and to  main roads to Shanxi

>> Railroad arteries: for passengers and cargo railroad transportation if convenient from and to Tongguan.

>> Air: Xi’an Airport ( Distance: 173 km)

>>See, otherwise, here 

>>>   Utilities, Living Environment:

>> Utilities (Electricity, Water, roads,Waste disposal available.

>>See, otherwise, here 

>>For cost see below

Prices for Energy and other Related Services (all prefect. Cities, Counties)

Household water-consumption

Industrial water

Water for Administration

Water for operation and service

Water for Special industries

Unit=1 m³, Price in RMB

Tap water






Water resource fee






Public service charges






Sewage treatment fee






Final price






>>>   Industries (Park only):

Inner Part of China Gold Process Co., Tongguan County

>> Gold processing industry ( mining, ore-dressing, smelting, fine and deep processing, comprehensive utilisation of waste)

>> No. of Cos. settled in the Park: 35

>> Logistic platform: construction in progress (very promising institution, owing to the County’s location )

>>>   Handling of Applications

>>Provided, all documents from applicant are available and accepted:

One-Stop-Shop service (Settlement within 3 days for projects on provincial level, within  2 days for projects on Mun. Govt.-level);

>>For general practice in Weinan>>>see here 

>>>   Ess. Preferential. Policies

>>Income tax for Companies accorded 15% for Government encouraged enterprises
>> 1stto 2nd  year shall be exempt the income tax, 3rd to 6th will halve the tax, whereby tax incentives shall depend on the capital assets of the company; companies obtain tenure by land auction or by renting;
>>Five “unifies”: unified planning, acquisition, transfer, development, management;
>>Governments provides free of charge roads, water supply, drainage, power supply, cabled TV, broadband, land levelling;
>>During the 1st three years counting from the 1st year of profit, companies shall be exempt from tax on agro-specialty products for food, vegetabels, meat, fish;
>>Beneficial tax incentive policy for the company in the park;
>>Preferential land policy: the Government provides placesfor a recognized research centre, and some other related policies;
>>Preferential policy on mineral resources: the rules about many mining fees;

>> Preferential policy for scientific research institutes shall apply for the workers engaged in science and technology

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