Economy and Industry
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5.2.4 Fuping County by its Assorted Economical Data in 2013

>>> Economic Figures Achieved in 2013, Fuping County


Figures '13


Changes against '12

Main Targets for '14




RMB 24 bn (+13%)

Total Fixed Assets




Local Fiscal Revenue



RMB 356 mn. (+ 10%)

Urban Disposable Income



RMB 31,000/cap./a (+14%)

Rural Disposable Income



RMB 9,500/cap./a (+15%)

Industry Output Value

(Large-Scale Industries)




Fuping Zhuangli Industrial Park

B.6  Fuping Zhuangli Industrial Park

>>>   Inaugural:

The County Government has laid emphasis to complete the Park’s infrastructure soonest in all respects. Upon planning and construction of all roads (length: 4 km) and ensuring all other required elements of infrastructure (a. o. Gas with a capacity of 4,000 m³/a, communication facilities), it has invested, in total, RMB 25.8 mn. in this Project,

The Park is, otherwise considered to be an important base for the processing of building materials.

>>>   Location:

>> Planned area: 15.7km²

>> Developed area: 6.8 km²

>> Address, Communication Nos:

> Address: north-west of Fuping County, 13 km from urban area, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

> Tel.: 0913-8619000 (CN)

> Web:

> Contact also +86/ 29/ 8450 28 06 (EN);,

>>>    Road Finder: >>>see here

>>>   Logistic Advantages:

Access to

>> Road arteries: At easy reach of the motorways Xi’an to Hancheng, and Xi’an to Baotou/Inner Mongolia). Placement between these motorways gives it an optimal position

>> Railroad arteries: Xianyang-Tongchuan railway and Meiqi railway (Meijiaping to Qilizhen) through the park

>> Air: Xi’an Airport (40 minutes by car)

>>See, otherwise, here 

>>>   Utilities, Living Environment:

>> Important public facilities: complete,see Introduction above

>>See, otherwise, also here 

>> For cost see below.

Prices for Energy and other Related Services (all prefect. Cities, Counties)

Household water-consumption

Industrial water

Water for Administration

Water for operation and service

Water for Special industries

Unit=1 m³, Price in RMB

Tap water






Water resource fee






Public service charges






Sewage treatment fee






Final price






>>>   Industries (Park only):

>> Pillar industries: metal smelting, petro-chem. engineering, material flow

>> Other leading industries: equipment manufacturing, coke chem. engineering, building materials

>> No. of Cos. of facility: 45 with, together, 8,180 employees

>>>   Handling of Applications

>>Provided, all documents from applicant are available and accepted:

One-Stop-Shop service (Settlement within 3 days for projects on provincial level, within  2 days for projects on Mun. Govt.-level);

>>For general practice in Weinan City proper >>>see here 

>>>   Ess. Preferential. Policies

>> Obtain the land tenure according with the lowest price;

>> 1st to 3rd year exempt from company income tax, 4th to 6th year 50% of said income tax;

>> During 3 years the company shall be exempt from fees from admin. and institutional fees on revenues, to the exception of 

         those for urban infrastructure fees;

>> These Tax incentives shall apply on extensions during the 1st  2 years; from 4th to 6th year 50% of said income tax;

>> Companies are exempt from income tax for food, vegetables, meat, fruits;

          for flowers, plants, drinks, aromatic crops the company will be charges with 50% of said tax;

>> Tax incentives during the 1st 2 years will ensue 50% of said tax during the 3rd to the 5th year of operation; a full tax reward 

          will be accorded to logistic companies with a tax reached >RMB 3 mn.

>> For tourism projects regarding the Yellow River wetland protection and for tourism commodity projects, tax exemption for 

         new or for extension companies in the first 2 years; from 3rd to 5th year reduction shall be 50%.

>> High-tech companies shall be exempt from company income tax during the first three years and shall pay 50 % of the 

         regular tax during the next 5 years.

>>>   Special Services:

>> Public welfare programmes shall be charged with only 50% of the infrastructure supporting fees;

>> Social promotion projects shall be freed from a number of cost;

>> Private and public socially engaged companies shall enjoy the same preferential policies

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