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3.    Essential Infrastructure of Weinan City,Total Region

Motorway Xi’an-Zheng Zhou, Leading through Weinan Region

3.1  Inaugural

Weinan City has all public infrastructure facilities in terms of roads, railways, utility-functions in place,see below.

For Geographic Location and Surface:>>>see here 

As Linwei District>>>see here 

is essentially comprising Weinan City proper in administrative terms, infrastructure details and living conditions specified for the City proper are largely identical and valid also for the District.

3.2 Organization Chart of Weinan Municipal Government

>>>see here

3.3  Traffic-System

3.3.1 Roads

>>> Logisticx Advantages

Northern Railway Station in Weinan City(High-Speed Rail-System)

Acce1ss to the Motorway artery Xi’an-Zhengzhou : 1 km South of Weinan City and at easy reach

>> Swift access to National Road G310 to

>> Swift access to National Road G108 to

>> Access to all essential national and provincial
     Roads in Shaanxi,
     Shanxi,Henan Provinces,

>> Way to Airport Xi’an (91km) very convenient,as
     attainable completely on 

>>> For prefectural Cities, Counties,>>>see here

3.3.2  Railway Connections (City Proper)

>>High speed (Weinan northern station): stop over for
     certain trains

>>Bullet train (Weinan northern station): stopover in Weinan

>>Express trains (Weinan railway station): stopover of
     certain trains 

>>Passenger  trains (Weinan railway station): stopover in Weinan

>>Cargo Trains: Immediate railway connection for transports on Longhai Eurasian Cargo-Line
     to Europe or to Lianyungang Deep-Sea Port (Northern Jiangsu Province)

>>>For Perfect Counties>>>see here 

3.3.3  Airway Connections:

>>>Next Airport for Passengers and Cargo: Xi’an Intl Airport (Distance 91 km);

>>>For Counties>>>see here 

3.4    Utility-Services (Electricity, Gas, Heat, Water etc.)

Supply of el energy, natural gas, Heat (between Nov. 15th and March 15th), water

are in place in the City area and available limitlessly for industrial and private use

Similarly, Waste disposal and sewage treatment is being covered, whereby the Municipal Government  is endeavouring to further raise quality and quantities constantly in favour of residents and industry.

Viewers being interested in Prices:

>>>see here

>>> For the situation in the different prefectural Cities and Counties>>>see here

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