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3.5    Living Environment

Zhaoyang Park,Weinan City Proper

Weinan City proper endeavours to provide for all facilities enhancing the self-fulfilment of her citizens and  guests in terms of their living environment, health, their sportive ambitions and their love of nature.

Her countless cultural monuments, evidence of her long history, along with the gorgeous monuments gifted by nature in the Qin Mountain area, the Wetlands near the Yellow River, the unique Loess Plateau, invite for extended round trips and hiking tours , where all “aficionados” may encounter the particulars of the respective climes as personal gains.

3.5.1  Housing

The average individual housing of 36.74 m2 increased by 6.12 m2 comparing with the year 2007.

The overall CPI is 103.9% including 8 types of prices, against prev. year (foodàup 9.6%;, housingàup 2.6%; health care and personalàup 2.2%; clothingàup 1.1%; tobacco, liquor and the communicationàup 0.9%; servicesàup 0.4%; yet cultural goodsàdown 0.3%..

3.5.2  Sports Facilities

Weinan City Football Gym

City Proper; Weinan Gymn (key construction and “pro-people project” for the development of sports. It Covers 120,000m2, was built with a total investment of RMB 720 mn. It was completed at the end of 2012 and consists of the sports centre and the training base.

All types of sports equipment can be found there, and many sport events are held in here as well as a good place for people who take interests in kinds of sports there.

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3.5.3  Schools:

The school regulations implemented the compulsory education. In Weinan, next to theTeachers College, 408 ordinary secondary schools, 1885 primary schools and 189 vocational colleges are in place, particularly, the regionally well-appreciated Vocational College of Weinan City, which was extended considerably by 2003 to answer to growing demand. It is now in a position to have simultaneously 17,300 students trained by 1,245 teachers at three different areas, whereby the Zhaoyang campus is considered to be the most important one. This campus. with different departments. covers a surface of 5.4 km2 for full-time training. The area is therefore called a “Town for vocational education

Weinan thus sports a complete system of fundamental education, adult education and vocational technical training. It is one of the 10 all-China bases for vocational training.

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3.5.4  Hospitals

29 general hospitals; 12 maternal and 1 children hospital; 153 township hospitals; 137 community health service stations ( dispensaries) are operative in Weinan Region. 

All hospitals have trained and licensed doctors and nursing personnel

All can receive and treat also foreign patients, if they are accompanied by interpreters.

3.5.5  Leisure

Dang Jiacun, Historic Village, Part of Hancheng City

>> For Leisure, respective local facilities are available according to local preferences.

>> Regarding Visits to scenic spots, there are a multitude of places to be seen in the Region, based on Weinan’s history and her
     splendid scenic locations.

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>>>List of Hotels (Tabulated) (City Proper and Counties

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