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3.    Weinan's Prefectural Cities and Counties, Infrastructure and Living Conditions

Si Ma-qian Tomb

Infrastructure and Living conditions in Weinan's Prefectural Cities and Counties have greatly developed during the last five years. But there is room for further improvement, of course. And this is what will keep people in those climes busy during the near future, while they are internalising that living as per prospective customers’ requirements will have to be an eventually rewarding acquisition. Resources are there; they have to be further surfaced and adapted, however.

3. A.1   Hancheng City


Hancheng, Ming and Qing Style prefectural City within Weinan City Region, situated – in the northern-most area of Weinan City - on the western banks of Yellow River, which marks the border between Shaanxi and Shanxi Provinces in the East of the Province.

Hancheng has a time-honoured history dating back to prehistoric Xia Dynasty (2070-1600 BC). During the following historical times the City was governed by different counties, had different names and was allocated to Weinan City by the Government of Shaanxi, eventually under today's name.

The City was the hometown of the famous first Chinese historian Si Ma-qian, who’s tomb can also be found here (Jin Dynasty, 265-420 AD).

Hancheng is also reputed for a complex of 140 well-protected historical buildings (Yuan and Ming, particularly, of 20 Yuan Dynasty buildings (!271-1368 AD),and is therefore nicknamed a living museum.

In addition, architecture of Dangjia Village, a Qing Dynasty settlement (1644-1911 AD) for families of businessmen who had to leave them back during long periods and therefore looked for secure places, while they were travelling through the country. In compensation for such living style successful businessmen had their estates built in a distinct Qing-style.

In fact, today the well-known French Michelin-Atlas would give this City the epithet "vaut le detour" for her historical attainments. For other scenic spots>>>see here

With long distances to cover, in order to reach the next larger city, Hancheng forged her own way of development within Shaanxi Province. This earned her a calmer time, some administrative independence,  and an important line of industries, based on the rich resources of coal resources within her region and on her famous, large plantations of pepper plants finding a ready market throughout the country and abroad.

In administrative terms, Hancheng Government oversees 3 villages, 7townships, 2 sub-district offices

As a municipal entity, Hancheng leaves the impression of a considerably self-sufficient and peaceful City to visitors, with a deep historical background and impressive scenic spots, which are incrementally about to be renovated, 

For the City's business promotion, see the specifications below

>>> Location

>>> exact position:

 > 35̊ 18’50 to 35̊ 52’08 northern longitude

 > 10̊ 7’19 to 110̊ 37’24 eastern latitude

>>> Hancheng’s surface: 1,6212 km2(0.79% of Shaanxi),

>>> Sub-prefectural towns, villages under administration : 7 villages, 7 pref. Towns, 2 sub-district offices

>>> Population: 400,000

>>> Logistic details: To be reached by road transport on the Motorway from Xi’an City to Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.n

  Nat. Highway G108 from Beijing and the northern part of the country to the southern part (Kunming);

  All roads show an appropriate scale, effective layout, good structure and  good maintenance service.

  Railway connections are in place and convenient to reach Xi'an (Capital of Shaanxi Province in the Southwest of Hancheng), Taiyuan (Capital of the neighbouring Province of Shaanxi in the East),

  Beijing (Capital of China, in the North-east, of Hancheng)

  Next airports: Xi'an (distance: 240 km) or Taiyuan ( distance: 350 km).

  An own domestic airport (as advisable for her economic and cultural efforts) is under discussion, but not yet in an official planning  stage. 

>>> Address, Communication Nos.

>> Address: Hancheng Municipal Government, No. 3304, the Government Building, Hancheng Information Office, Shaanxi Province.

>>Postcode: 715400

>>Tel.No.:  0913-8387301


>> Web: (

>>> Road Finder: >>>see here

>>> Logistic Details (Roads):

>> Xi'an-Taiyuan Motorway passes Hancheng. (Distance to Xi’an 240 km)

>> National road G 108, fr. Er Liang Hohot, Mongolia to Kunming is running through the City,

>> Provincial Road S 304 fr. Beijing to Kunming is running through the City

>>> Hancheng Utilities, Living Conditions:

>> County services: Electricity, gas, water available for industrial and residential use

>> Healthcare:  No. of hospitals: 10;Nat. level A.2. Treatment of foreigners possible, if they are accompanied by an interpreter;

>> Schools: Primary schools and;secondary schools are available; tuition in Chinese only ;

>> Sightseeing:>>>see more,>>>and see more,>>>and see more

>> For Hotels>>>see here

>> For industries>>>see here

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