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3. B.8  Hua County

Hua County Government

>>> Inaugural

Hua County is well-known for its molybdenum mining cum production, also for its stone industry, So it is for the natural fascination of Shao Huashan scenery, as well as for the skills of farmers, while crafting their well-known Chinese shadow figures. Thus the County has its share in the accomplishments of Weinan Region.

Whereas molybdenum is certainly yielding the most important economic results whereby the amount of resources pushes the Region to rank one in Asia and to rank three in the world., the grandiose landscape of "Shao Hua Shan" in its "back yard" deploys an arresting beauty of its landscape to countless visitors.

Another  "trump card" of the cultural heritage are, without doubt, the "Shadow Figures", which are crafted and have their origin in this County .It is known and recognized in the entire country for this feat.

>>> Location

>> Exact geogr. position:

119º2 23’ to 119 º 35’eastern longitude

30º 23’ to   30 º 53’ northern latitude

>> Surface: 1,139 km2(60%Mountains, 30% fields, 10% water)

>> Administered prefect. townships: 10;

>> Population: 370,000

>>> Address, Communication Nos.

>> Address: Huaxian Government, Huaxian County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

>> Tel.: No.: 0913/ 4725111



>>> Road Finder: >>>see more

>>> Logistic Details

>> Roads: Motorway and Nat. Highway G310, both  Xi’an to Zhengzhou, iare passing through the County.

>> Rail: Trains between Xi’an and Zhenzhou, partly with halt on Hua County, are running through the county

>> Air: Xi’an Airport (Distance: 112 km)

      Transportation is, therefore, very convenient..

>>> Hua Utilities, Living Environment

Similar to Heyang Natural Facts above

For industries>>>see here

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