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3. B.1   Heyang County

>>> Inaugural

Heyang County Gaoxin Dao Temple

The County, like their neighbouring City and counties, dates back to prehistoric times, but entered the limelight of history, when the ruler Wen of Wei – during a long period of troubled order in China – cast a fortification wall around the location of Heyang (surface then  ~2 km²) and created a classical Chinese city (broken down in two main roads N-W, W-E), a centre with Bell-Tower and Drum-Tower and proportioned lanes being built incrementally) As from Sui Dynasty 589-818) Heyang was the administrative Centre for the area around it, and it remained so until the time after the fall of the last imperial Dynasty, Qing (1644-1911): a peaceful County and a centre for agriculture, also industry and trade, adorned by plenty of temples inside and outside of the wall, a small paradise for traditional Chinese virtues.

This paradise changed its face after China became PRC: the walls, being of hindrance to the enhancement of the County, disappeared, larger streets were thrown through the location, lanes were enlarged, a railway station was built along the rail track from Xi’an to Hancheng and to Taiyuan (Capital of Shanxi), and the county was given all of the administrative institutions being felt to be necessary to govern such administrative unit, mainly as a smaller image of the National Government.

Otherwise, life remained peacefully proceeding in accordance with the laws.

The warm wind of the "Go West" policy introduced in 2000 grazed the County first as a mere, gentle breeze but no industrial commotion materialized.

Now, however, almost "out the blue", the instructions for the "Guanzhong-Tianshui Development Area (GTDA)" found their way to Heyang County with their requirements for a massive update of existing industries, clustering, an emphasis for new low-carbon and environment-friendly industries, with fresh calls for FDI and for an acumen of innovativeness is hitting the bucolic scenario>>>see more


>> exact geographical position:

      > 109°58′~110°27′eastern longitude

      > 34°59′~35°26′northern latitude

>> Heyang surface:  1437km2

>> Sub-prefectural 4 townships, 12villages,353 administrative villages under administration

>> Population: 450,000 

>>> Address, Communication Nos.

>> Address: (Heyang Government

      Heyang County/ Shaanxi Province

      Postcode: 715300

>> Tel.. No.: 0913/ 5522701


>>  (Chinese)

>>> Road Finder:>>>see here

>>> Logistic Details:

>> Road:Situated next to the motorway Xi’an to Taiyuan. Distance to Xi’an: 184 km;

      distance to Taiyuan: 483 km

>> Rail : Station for Railway Xi’an to Homa/Shanxi

>> Air: Airport Xi'an (196 km)

>>> Utilities and Living Environment

>> County services: Electricity, water available for industrial and residential use.

>> Schools: primary and secondary school (tuition in Chinese only)

>> Healthcare: No. of hospitals: 2;Nat. level A.2. Treatment of foreigners possible, if they are accompanied by an interpreter

>> Sightseeing:>>>see more,>>>and see more,>>>and see more

>> For Hotels>>> see here

>> For industries >>>see here

This statement is appr. valid for all Counties. As no noticeable deviances have to be reported, and further efforts are underway to

continuously increment the infrastructure in compliance with the 12th"Five-Years’ " Plan and the GTDA-principles, reference  to the 

prevailing Heyang conditions shall be made for all other counties below.

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