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3. B.2   Chengcheng County

Chengcheng County, Pagoda in the center of City

>>> Inaugural

Chengcheng is an agricultural county, in some distance North of Xi’an-Hancheng Motorway.Culture here, again, dates back to the

documented time of the Warring States (479-221 BC): "Longshou" dam of a water conservancy project was constructed during this time; it is being operative to date. There are plenty more relics of nat. level, stating the time-honoured characteristics of Chengcheng County. Otherwise,embroidery, as a local art, was awarded of being part of the worldwide cultural heritage.

The Counties climate is that of the loess Plateau endowed with an average temperature of 12º C and with 204 frost-free days. In this County mainly grain, cotton, oil, fruits, livestock are being produced, next to coal mining with reserves of 4 bn. tons>>>see more

>>> Location

>> exact geographical position

> 109º46'30" to 110º05’50"eastern longitude

35º55'45" to  35º27'05" northern latitude

>> administrered area: 8 prefectural townships, 266 villages, six country communities

>> surface: 1,121 km2 (54.5% plain, 34.8% hills, 10.7% mountains)

>> Population: 400,000, of which 300,000 are engaged in agricultural work.

>>> Address, Communication Nos.:

>> Address: 1st Floor, No. 13 Office Buildg.Xida Street,Chengcheng County (Weinan City), Shaanxi Province

>> Tel.. No.: 0913/ 6726985



>>> Road Finder : >>>see here

>>> Logistic Details:

>> Distance to Xi’an (SSW) = 180 km via prov. road S 202 and Hancheng-Xi’an motorway

>> Way in eastern directions: via prov. Road S 106 and Xi’an-Hancheng Motorway

>> Rail: railway from Xi’an to Baotou/Inner Mongolia  and railway to Homa/Shanxi, pass near to Chengcheng and parallels here for some distance the Nat Highway G 108 to the northeast of the country

>> Air: Xi'an Airport (Distance 182 km)

>>> Chencheng Utilities and Living Environment

Similar to Heyang Natural Facts above

For industries>>>see here

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