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3. B.3  Baishui County

>>> Inaugural

Baishui County,City at Dawn

Baishui County stands out for its apple plantations and for Dukang liquor as unique selling points. Infrastructure and Living conditions are markedly influenced by these specialties.

The County is situated in the transition zone between loess terraces and the loess plateau in its north, where sharply gullied valleys and peaks are combined to shape a grandiose, phantasy-inspiring landscape altogether. Here, where mountainous areas appear to be higher than those of the neighbouring counties, average annual temperature reaches just 9.2 º C, frost-free days only somewhat more than 106 days.

This clime is nowkeen to apostrophise itself as the paradise for apple plantations, sporting a time of experience of more than 400 years in successful apple growing and making use of the annually changing climatic factors:

June to September is the period of strong growth and colouring of apples, June to September, with plenty of sunshine prevailing, photosynthesis is doing its stint, June to August, moreover, when high differences between days and night times are occurring, sugar is accumulated in apples. Also, the loess dust balances effectively balances an uneven distribution of precipitations and levels the amount of water in the apples. A cute story, isn’t it?

Moreover, Baishui county is proud of being the home of Dukang Liquor. It is told to have been created by Dukang, a figure of myth. Owing to its particular taste, the late Chinese Premier Zhou En-lai suggested to build a factory in Baishui for the production of its liquor . This suggestion was implemented. Now, this factory is one of the largest one of its kind in China.

The interesting point of these two stories: Baishui managed to carve out two very convincing and effective "unique selling points" for its county..


>> exact geographical position:

> 109º 16’ to 109º 45’ eastern longitude1

> 35º4’ to 35º27' northern latitude:

>> Surface: 986 km2

>> 5 Sub-prefectural townships, 9 villages, 194 communities

>> Population: 300,000

>>> Address, Communication Nos.:

>> Address: Baishui Government,Baishui County, Shaanxi Province

>> Postcode: 715600

>> Tel.. No.: 0913/ 6155350



>>> Road Finder: >>>see here

>>> Logistic Details:

>> Roads: Connection with Xi’an, via Road and Motorway; distance 146 km

>> Rail: Xi'an to Yan'an and Pucheng to Baishui railways pass the county

>>  Air: Xi'an Airport (Distance: 158 km)

>>> Baishui IUtilities, Living Environment:

Similar to Heyang Natural Facts above

For industries>>>see here

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