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3. B.4  Tongguan County

Tonggguan, Central Hospital

>>> Inaugural:

Tongguan County, now apostrophised as the Tongguan Gold County for its important industry, has been the gate to the vast Guanzhong Plain during past centuries, and it holds this position to date. The County’s pass road is, consequently, the needle eye leading to the understanding of contemporary Shaanxi Province being shaped by " One line ( Guanzhong Plain) and two Belts (Loess Plateau and Qin Ling)" Thus, the importance in history, thus the importance today..

At the impressive bend to the East and the famous pass road ( one of the ten most illustrious ones in China) battles were "the order of business" for those who wished to enter Guanzhong Plain and to reach Xi’ an, then the capital of the Empire. It was last time turned to noughts by the Japanese aggressors’ bombs, when they tried to make the area useless/the pass impassable. The county has to date not recovered entirely from this blow.

Yet it is about to gain today unique industrial positions in the West of China

>>> For Gold mining and processing

>>> For the establishment of a remarkable logistic platform at the meeting point of three Provinces (Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan) and their

         essential road and railway intersections with each other>>>see more

>>> Location:

>> exact geogr. position

110º 09’ to 110º 25’ eastern longitude

34º 23’ to 34º 40’ northern latitude

>> surface: 526 km2

>> Sub-prefectural townships, villages under administration: 5 townships, 1 village, 84 administered communities

>> Population: 159,000

>>> Address,Communication Nos.:

>> Address: Tongguan Information Office,Tongguan Government,Tongguan County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

>> Tel.. No.: 0913/ 3821217


>> Web:  (Chinese)

>>> Road Finder : >>>see more

>>> Logistic Avanta1ges:

>> Road: Motorway Xi’an to Zhengzhou passing nearb

>> Rail Regular and High-speed trains passing nearby Tongguan County

>> Air: next airportàXi’an (173 km)

>>>Tongguan IUtilities, Living Environment:

Similar to Heyang Natural Facts above

For industries>>>see here

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