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3. B.5   Pucheng County

Pucheng County Government


Pucheng Tang Tomb County region, too, dates back to times immemorial. Its visible and documented relics, however, date back to Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD): 18 Tang Emperors have their tombs here, Whereby the sculptures found around the tomb of Emperor Ruizong are denoted as being the most impressive ones. In connection with the tombs, several Pagodas and other relics of national importance can be seen along with memorials for illustrious Chinese personalities, who originate from Pucheng.

Otherwise, the County is devoted to a large extent to agriculture (focusing on grain, fruits, esp. pears, livestock), and to processing of agri-products.

Pucheng is also famous for its limestone as a construction material (Reserves are believed to be near 15 bn,m3). being processed to cement.

In addition, the County is mining coal (output 3 mn.tons/a) being source to produce electricity (7 bn Kw/a) in the nearby power station.

And, not to be forgotten, fireworks are being produced in Pucheng by 54 respective companies. They find, as well-known, a capacious and

ready market in China. Sales of RMB 450 mn. are being reported.

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>>> Location

>> Exact geogr. position:

109º 20’ 17" to 109 º 54’ 48" eastern longitude

33º 44’ 50" to   35º 10’ 30" northern latitude

>> Surface: 1,584 km2

>> Administred Area:  24 prefect. townships, 359 villages

>> Population: 760,000

      Address, Communication Nos.:

>> Address: Pucheng Government, Information Office,Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

>> Tel.. No.: 0913/ 7261916


>> (Chinese)

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>>> Logistic Details

>> Roads: XI’an-Hancheng Motorway nearby,

       Connecting Motorway Pucheng to Motorway Xi’an-Zhengzhou nearby

      Distance to Xi’an: 120km

>> Rail::No connection

>> Air: Xi’an Airport 132 km

>>> Pucheng Utilities, Living Environment

Similar to Heyang Natural Facts above

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