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3. B.6   Fuping County

Fuping County, Residential Living Area

>>> Inaugural

Fuping County cum Fule Ceramic Museum is, again, a Region with a time-honoured history of 2400 years being, among others, documented by many tombs of many Chinese Emperors, who chose their tomb here. These circumstances are believed to be an important reason for many investors to co-operate with Fuping County.

Fuping is, otherwise, an agricultural County (1.1 mn. mu, i.e. ~ 733,700 ha) and a base for grain production, also a special area for the growing of milk goats and persimmon trees.

The county is, in addition, rich in natural resources: limestone (reserves of 130.3 bn. m3), marble, kaolin (reserves: 4 mn. tons), mirabilite, jade ink stones, the basis for handicraft carving (reserves: 3.1 mn. m3).

For foreigners of particular importance and a "rough jewel" of art is "Fule Museum for ModernCeramic Art" in Fuping, where design artists from the entire Globe are invited to spend some time while sparring with the traditional art at the "Cradle of Chinese Culture"; at least one sample has to be left to the Museum. Results are, frequently, exiting sculptures or objects of modern art reflecting traditional Chinese art. Visit of this museum is a "must" for discriminating analysts of Chinese traditional culture. But beware: the visit to this museum has to be insisted on, as many local people, if they take notice at all, may wish to avoid the visit. For them, any deviation from the pure imitation/repetition of the classical art is, by necessity of mind, ugly to see.

>>> Location

>> Exact geogr. position:

108º 57’ to 109 º 26’ eastern longitude

34º 41’ to    35 º 06’ northern latitude

>> Surface: 1242 km2

>> Administred prefect. 17 townships, 337 villages, communities

>> Population: 810,000 (largest density of Population in Shaanxi)

>>> Address, Communication Nos.

>> Address: Fuping Government,Fuping County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

>> Tel.No.: 0913/ 8214382



>>> Road Finder:>>>see more

>>> Logistic Details

>> Motorways Xi’an to Hancheng and Taiyuan/Shanxi), and Xi’an to Baotou/ Inner Mongolia (in near reach); distance to Xi'an   City:55km;

       Distance to Yanliang (the only pure aviation Zone of China): 12 km

>> Rail: 4 railway lines are running through the county.

>> Air: Xi’an Airport (Distance 90 km).

>>> Fuping Utilities, Living Environment

Similar to Heyang Natural Facts above

For industries>>>see here

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