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3. B.7  Dali County

Night View to Central Place of Dali County

>>> Inaugural

Dali is again a Countybased, predominantly, on Agricultureand its pertaining. processing industries. Fruits grown in Dali are day lily, Chinese dates (jujube), water melons, peanuts.

South of the County and its development Zones the semi-desert area of Sha Yuan comprising an agricultural demonstration park and a leisure park for several types of sports, also of motor sports, can be found 

The region dates back to prehistoric times (~ 200,000 years). Remnants of the "Dali Man" were discovered in Dali region, where these ancestors of mankind had their settlements. They left their traces up to Shang Dynasty (1600- 1046 BC). It is also believed that these early men had their political, cultural, military and economic centre in the Region of Dali.

The earliest well channel ("Longshou Well Channel"), as part of an irrigation system, was found in the Region. Further 7 unspecified types relics of provincial level were also found here.

Next hereto, it is noteworthy that Dali county is the home town for "Tongzhou Opera and for Wanwan Opera, both derivatives of Shaanxi Opera. Also for "crispy noodles" and for 11 further traditional skills Dali County is enlisted in the "Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage List".

A much more modern institution, the granary "Feng tu YI Cang": of 1890, a gigantic, fortress, meant for a mass storage of agro-products and other products, is having nowadays a quite calm and unheralded existence in a village at the East of the County.

Otherwise, the County is proud of having an important position with respect to the instructions for Guanzhong-Tianshui Development Area (GTDA), as the Shaanxi Jinyu industrial transfer demonstration area. 

>>>  Location

>> Exact geogr. position:

109º 43’ to 110º 19’ eastern longitude

34º 36’ to   35º 02’ northern latitude

>> Surface: 1,800 km2, largest county of Weinan City,

>> Administred area: 18 prefect. townships, 400 villages, 26 communities

>> Population: 750,000

>>> Address, Communication Nos.

>> Address: Dali Government,Dali County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

>> Tel.. No.: 0913/ 3256103



>>> Road Finder:>>>see more

>>> Logistic Details

>> Roads: Nat. Highway G 108 (Xi’an to NE of China) and Prov. Road S 202 N of China to Kunming/Yunnan Province) have their  intersection in Daly County. Distance to Xian on G 108: 121 km

>> Rail: Intersection between Xi’an Yumenkou/Shanxi railway and Longhai Eurasian railway

>> Air: Airport (153km)

>>> Dali Utilities, Living Environment

Similar to Heyang Natural Facts above

For the industry Park of Dali County>>>see here

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