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Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, China, a Region for tourism and Investment

View to You River Park, Weinan City Proper

1.        Introduction

Weinan City, China, Region for tourism and industrial investment, is situated next to Terracotta Warriors, otherwise, at the eastern Pole of Shaanxi Province, China. The City wants to inform on her Region and to sincerely invite visitors for a glance to her Web Site, yet, much more, to come here for business or for arresting tourism discoveries of the vast City Region.

For more details >>>see here >>> and see here

The City shares immediately the towering history of the entire north-western Region of China dating back well 3,000 years, as the “Cradle of Chinese culture and civilization, also pointing deeply into prehistoric times of mankind.>>>see here 

Owing to a powerful development within the last ten years, the City also showcases advanced industries and clusters for co-operation and investment>>>see here,>>>and see here

See also the Greetings of the Heads of Weinan City>>>see hereThe City is now also becoming of growing industrial, also of logistic and of environmental importance at the gateway and intersection of three provinces.

With the Region’s unique cultural acquirements, among others, the aforementioned famous Terracotta-Warriors, also beguiling landscapes, especially in Qin Mountain Range and on the Loess Plateau, its special and delicious dishes, its people, its rich natural resources, it shapes a distinct entity for an extended tourism.

Weinan is determined  to derive advantage of its natural and grown advantages with vigour and empathy. Given its enforced slumber for hundreds of years, the beholder from outside has to credit the Region, though, some respite at “the corners” of its development, while well pondering that also Rome was not built in one day.

The “western” countries laboured hundreds of years without too great hurry to arrive at their present-day acquirements.

1.1      Location and Seat of the City’s Municipal Government

For the better understanding it has upfront to be specified that owing to constitutional assessment, “the City” is not only confined to the walls of the City proper (here embedded in a District), but is also providing guidance to  2 cities on prefectural level and to 8 counties.

1.1.1    Address 

Straw Patch Work, Pengcheng County

Straw Patch Work, Pengcheng County

74, Dongfeng Street,


Postcode: 714000

Shaanxi Province

P. R. C.

1.1.2    Communication:

>>Tel.NO: 0086-(0)913–210 97 37 (CN)


>> Web: (Chinese) and now the fresh WS in English

>> Contact also +86/ 29/ 8450 28 06 (EN);

1.1.3    For Road Map to Weinan City proper, prefectural Cities and Counties:>>>click here

Google Map

1.1.4    Map of Weinan City Proper/Linwei Distr, Prefect. Cities, Counties

For some more detailed understanding of Weinan City Region>>>see below



 (Change Nos. texts)

1= Hancheng City(admin. of Weinan;

(for financial matters incl. large projects, jurisdiction of the Provincial Govt.)

2= Heyang County

3= Chengcheng County

4= Baishui County

5= Tongguan County

6= Pucheng County

7= Fuping County

8= Dali County

9= Huayin City(admin. of Weinan)

10=Hua County

11= City proper consisting of Linwei District and two Zones

  Note: Spots mentioned according to their location from North to South,

  thereafter, for every level, from East to West (general principle)

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