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1.2      Contemporary Importance of Weinan

Hancheng Yaobai Cement Factory

The contemporary importance of the City may be marked by the following cachets:

>>> Her countless tourism attractions throughout the City Region;

>>> Her distinctive geographic position at the   confluence of Wei and Yellow River and the conjunction of three
        provinces, which earn Weinan the pole position at the eastern gate of Shaanxi , where the
        highways/motorways from the East of Shaanxi (205,600 km²), from Shanxi (156,300 km²), Henan
        Provinces (167,00 km²) are crossing.>>>
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>>> Her quite respectable development in terms of infrastructure, living conditions.>>>see more 

>>> Her resources within her Region consisting mainly of

>> Natural occurrences of coal and of non-ferrous metals among which Molybdenum deposits, gold including
      processing industries, respectively, have become the most prominent ones,

>> Agricultural products and product processing,

>> Tourism, above all, in Qin Mountain Range; in addition, her hot-spring resorts.

Around these resources, an incrementally important industry has been generated.

As the essential industrial and cultural aggregations are located at different areas of Weinan Region; visitors to Weinan may have the onus, however, of travelling through the Region, to gain a realistic picture of this City.>>>see more,>>>and see more

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