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1.3      Vision,Mission, Values of Weinan City

Pucheng Industry

          Pucheng Industry

The City sees herself as an important “through-road”, to and from Shaanxi, at the eastern Gate of the Province, and as a multiplication factor in terms of logistics at the crossroads of three provinces in the East, towards the Eurasian Land bridge in the north-western direction, and towards the provinces and Port Cities of China in the eastern direction.

Meanwhile, the City, based on her existing direct cultural and industrial advantages, endeavours to live up to her state as a pole City of Shaanxi Province, while diligently, also harmoniously, applying her natural and worked out advantages, thus setting out to

>>> Intensify the cultivation of the plentiful types of agricultural products in terms of grains, vegetables, fruits, their livestock
        cum processing, as far as ecologically advisable;

>>> Expand and further update the Industry according the ideas and requirements for the “Guanzong-Tianshui Development
        Area (GTDA), while practicing sustainable quality and innovation, also while forging into the establishment of a logistic
        industry as; a crucial and an innovative one at the eastern gate of the Province and at the vertex to three provinces in the

>>> Further develop a multiplicity of cultural relics, scenic spots, availability of hotsprings in compliance with ecotourism ideas within the clime
        between Qin Mountain Range in the South, Yellow River in the West, Loess plateau in the North and the adjacent area ofXi’an City in the West;

        In this context, Weinan City welcomes an advanced foreign industry to avail of a multitude of unique opportunities on very friendly conditions.

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