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1.4      Greetings of the Heads of Weinan City 

Xi Zhengping

Xu Xinrong
Party Secretary

Dear viewers,

Welcome to Weinan Government Website!

Weinan is situared at the foot of Hua Mountain, is leaning against the west bank of Yellow River, can be found beside the Terra-Cotta Warriors, is composed of one district, two prefectural cities, and eight counties.

The total area of Weinan has a surface of ~13,000 km2, hosts a population of ~5.52mn residents.

Weinan has a longstanding history. Cangjie, the legendary investor of Chinese characters, Dukang, who is supposed to be the investor of Chinese liquor, Si Ma-qian, the creator of the first historical Record onChina.

There were six intermittent Capitals and seats of rulers in the area.

On Weinan territory, also at the geographic centre of China can be found, and the the City Region features the eastern pole city of Shaanxi Province, the new hinterland of the Eurasian continental bridge, and also the eastern- most city of the west region.

The City lies 50km away from Xi’an. Density of highways and the total length of express ways are the best ones of Shaanxi Province: By High-speed train “Five minutes” away from Xi’an, two hours away from Zhengzhou/Henan Province, Taiyuan/Shanxi Province, four hours away from Beijing, five hours from Shanghai. We are thus the centre-piece of a strategic international and national location, which connects with almost all directions.

Shaanxi has abundant energy and mineral resources, terrestrial heat, wind energy, and solar energy, as well as agricultural resources, in terms of wheat, cotton, fruits. The Yellow River,Wei River, and Luo River run through the region.

At present, there are more than ten industrial parks and some standard factories. The production, life services and the infrastructure are being advanced, actually, it holds all the basic conditions for industrial clusters.

Weinan City pays great attention to the energy industry, logistic industry, food processing and cultural tourism industries during the 12th “Five-Years’ Plan”. The City will take great effort to turn the Region into a first-level tourism destination being based on green production processing, coal chemical industry, Molybdenum industry, gold /gold processing industry,  and the unique culture.

Weinan will have an English website, which will be a window for the City to communicate with the rest of the world, and to also provide a platform for the investment and tourism, which will be a bridge for Weinan City to prosper..

We sincerely welcome the visitors from home and abroad to come to Weinan City, a place full of life and hope. This is a place, which owns the logistic advantage, can be an ideal place to invest.

Welcome to all friends to come to Weinan City, no matter whether you work, study, live, travel or invest here!

Xu Xin-rong        Xi zheng-ping

Party Secr.           Mayor

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