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1.1      For some more detailed Understanding of Weinan City Region

This Website is meant to familiarize viewers with the City of Weinan in Shaanxi Province, which has shared for hundreds of years the fate of the entire Northwest Region of China, with a surface distending over about one quarter of the country, as being foreclosed to the outside world, and, in fact, as a backyard of China.

As from the year 1979, when the City became open again, along with the entire Region, she has been endeavouring to overcome her fate, so as to align to the world’s progress in all respects and, above all, to the own glorious past at the “Cradle of Chinese history, civilization and culture”, when the Chinese Empire was being governed from this Centre for thousands of years.

AsRome was not built in one year, the process of alignment here will take some time, for all endeavours. But nobody can deny a tremendous progress that was made during the past 20 years.

Weinan is an emerging medium-sized third-tier City distending alongside the western banks at the upper middle part of theYellow River. The City Region thus also features her situation as a “pole City” ofShaanxi Province at the latter’s eastern boundary.

The City is now well in a position to host foreign industries as well as visitors against the backdrop of her natural resources, of her industrial standards, of her infrastructure cum living environment, and not to be forgotten, of her countless tourism sites of a unique, compelling natural beauty and/or historic importance.

We hope, this Web Site is carving out Weinan’s advantages conspicuously enough. We shall, otherwise, spare no efforts to let our visitors share the owner’s further progress, also on this Web Site.

Weinan City is composed of

>>> the City proper (one District, two development Zones), in addition,

>>> two further prefectural cities under the City’s administration (Hancheng, Hua Yin) and

>>> eight Counties (Heyang, Chengcheng, Baishui, Tongguan, Pucheng, Fuping, Dali,Hua Counties).

The vast landscape of Guanzhong Plain, divided byWei River, which is meandering here towards its estuary, nearTongguan County, into theYellow River, is endowed with an abundant agriculture, but also equipped with industrial centres of attractive potential. Next to her eastern border beingYellow River, the City territory is bordered.

>>> In its South, by the mighty and impressive Qin Mountain Range in the South, which has singled out, inHua Yin City, the distinctive five-peaks’ “Hua Mountain” with its precipices plunging sharply to the 

Plain at its northern edge. It provides the select background to the City,

>>> In the North, by the Loess Plateau with its sharply rifted valleys, also frequently slope-terraced fields, which are marking the transition to Yan’an City region, whereas,

>>> In her West, bythe counties ofTongchuan City and Xi’an City.

For further specification ofWeinan City’s, the prefectural Cities’ and the Counties’ Natural Facts  >>>see more