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2.       Natural Facts of Weinan City

Weinan is the eastern Pole-City of Shaanxi Province,China. The City is adjoined to the provinces of Shanxi and Henan, and situated at the intersection of international rail-tracks and roads from W cum NW to E and SE, as well as to the S of the country).

Dragon Gate Straits of Yellow River

2.1      Geographic. Position

108°58′ to~110°35′  northern longitude,

34°13′ to~35°52′ eastern latitude

2.2      Borders:

>>> Border North: Yan’an City and Loess Plateau,

>>> Border East:Shanxi,Henan,Hubei Provinces and Yellow River,

>>> Border South:Shanluo City and QinLing Mountain Range,

>>> Border West:Xi’an City and Guanzhong Plain towards West, Tongchuan City(NW)

2.3      Geography, Population, Geology

Upfront Weinan’s Surface amounts to: 13,563 km²

Its Population adds up to 5, .286, 077millionin the aggregate

Both geography and geology, are marked by

>>> The high, eroding layers of loess cum clay in the North (Loess Plateau) forming a unique, yet often bizarre, multi-facetted

landscape in the North of the Region, and

>>> The towering Qin Mountain Range, here consisting, predominantly of granite and gneiss, shaped during the Proterozoic Eon (2.5 to 0.5 bn years ago)

>>> The vast Guanzhong Plain protected between these massifs, which created its typical temperate semi-arid and semi-humid 

monsoon climate >>>For more details see here

For a more detailed picture on Weinan’s Geography, Geology, Climate Flora, Fauna and Population>>>see here 

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