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2.4      Linwei District of Weinan City, Natural Facts

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Although the district shares most of the administrative institutions of the City proper, it has to be noticed, that it is larger than the urban area is and has, in addition, stronger agrarian traits owned from the northern hinterland of the City , where, preponderantly, winter jujube, walnuts, watermelon, as prevailing fruits/vegetables, are grown.


>>> Surface:  1,221 km², ( City area: 40.3 km²)

>>> The District. oversees 22  townships, and sub-district offices, next to its urban territory.

>>> Population: 890,000 (City area: 420,000)

Address, Communication Nos.

>>> Address: Information Office,

Linwei District

Weinan City,Shaanxi Province

>>> Tel.. No.: 0913/ 2030251


>>> (Chinese)

        Under administration, next to the City area: 28 villages

        The High-Tech Development Zone (WNHZ) and the Economic and Technical Development Zone (WNETDZ) are part of the Linwei District

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