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2.5      Characteristics of Weinan's Prefectural Cities and Counties

Part of Dao Temple in Hancheng, Yuan Dynasty,1271-1368

Weinan is governing a spacious territory of 13,134 km². It embraces the City proper of Weinan cum Linwei District, in addition to her two prefectural cities of Hancheng and Huayin, and also her eight counties. As a natural consequence of their geographic distances , these administrative sub-units have experienced their own history and characteristics. They enjoy, also for this reason, an extensive administrative independence, which will be shown regarding their industrial activities >>>see here.

All this makes eventually their respective appearance in terms of infrastructure and cultural distinctiveness, but also in terms of their industries and their business.

Therefore, a visitor to Weinan is well-advised to pay a visit, not only to the City-proper, but also, as a minimum, have a look to all places, he may be interested in.>>>see here

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1. Hancheng City

2. Heyang County

3. Chengcheng County

4. Baishui County

5. Dali County

6. Pucheng County

7. Fuping County

8. Tongguan County

9. Huayin City

10. Hua County

11. Linwei District of Weinan City proper


Heyang County, Virgin Pool Spa


Fule Museum of Modern Ceramic Art; Child Riding on a Grinding Wheel

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