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Plank Road at Hua Mountain

2.3      Details on Natural Facts of Weinan City,

2.3.1   Geography

Weinan City is situated at the eastern border of Shaanxi’s fertile Guanzhong Plain and near to the crossroads connecting the City with, next to the Capital of the own Province, Xi’an, the neighbouring provinces of Shanxi (NE), Henan (E) and Hubei (SE).. Accordingly, it has connections by road and by rail with the neighbouring cities, and, via them, with all commercial traveling targets in China and abroad. The City is, therefore, a pole city for the targets of the Guanzhong-Tianshui Development Area, GTDA, (see more), along with Baoji City, at the western border of the Province.

The City, her prefectural cities and her counties cover together a surface of 13,134 km². being pervaded towards her southern border by a culturally important and impressive part of the Qin Ling Mountain Range, which comprises, on Weinan territory (HuayinCity), the Hua mountain (one of the 5 sacred Dao-Mountains).

In her North, the City region is marked by the Loess Plateau, a distinctive landscape of a particular beauty, with its deeply fissured valleys and often rugged, mountainous areas frequently showing a particular fascination.

In the East of her territory, Weinan is confined by the Yellow River, which bends to the East in a sharp outward curve.

In her West, finally, Weinan Region ends at the territories under the jurisdiction of Xi’an City and Tongchuan City.

The City proper, so far a peaceful country town near to the south-western corner of her administered region, has before long set out in an impressive pace to become. what she endeavours to be according to GTDA yardsticks: the economically important eastern pole City of Guanzhong Plain (See, particularly,,TonguanCounty>>>see here

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