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2.3.5   Population

Clipping of Loess Plateau Landscape in Chengcheng County, North of Weinan City

On November 1, 2011, Weinan completed the sixth population census. Its result shows the following details (population distribution and structure):

>>> Permanently resident population: 5,286,077 million, -2.02% against previous census.

>>> Household population: 4,979, 970 million (Ø: 3.45 mio), -0.34 % against the census.

>>> Sex ratio: male, 50.75%; female, 49.25%.

>>> Age:0-14 years oldè14.06%, - 11.71%; against previous census
15—64, years oldè77.11%, + 9.01%; against previous census
over 65, years oldà8.83%,  + 2.70%. against previous census
>>> Analphabets >15years: 144.497, -2.4% against previous census
Weinan’s population, although being conservative, appears to be outgoing, accommodating and understanding.

But, in fact, mentality is changing its traits owing to more frequent contacts with the outside world during business journeys and while working in the eastern or southern provinces of the country or abroad.

Behaviourist scientists found that adaptation of the respective archaic habits and practices to present-day perceptions takes its time, worldwide. However, with the globalisation of contacts, and the awareness of the issue, restraints should drastically mutate in the foreseeable future. The country has shown its ability to cope with present-day requirements in other cases, as well known, where barriers were believed to be too high to be overcome soon, although, in this instance, “the mind-set” is at stake being more cross-grained to practical engineering.

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