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2.5.2, A.2     Huayin City


T11he prefectural City of Hua Yin, located right at the foot of quintuple-peaked Hua Mountain (one of the five sacred mountains of Dao>>>see also here

The City is also proud of the Hot Springs within her precincts.

The Mountain is a spot of major attraction for Chinese mountaineering aficionados., also for other tourists.

The City appeared on the Maps of rulers in the Region since the period of the Warring States (481-221 BC). Name and administrative allocation to larger cities in the Region changed often during the past Dynasties. Owing to Huayin’s historical, cultural and transportation importance, the Provincial Government of Shaanxi conferred Huayin 1993 the state of a prefectural city and attributed her administratively to Weinan City.

The nearness of Hua Mountain attracting wads of tourists, Xiyue Temple, Yuquan Garden and 40 other national AAAA-level scenic spots exerts a permanent attraction for tourists. Hence, tourism and its further development are of major concern for the City.

Next hereto, Huayin has the advantage of an existing hot spring spa. Since several years it has also been developing a hot spring recreation Zone, which, actually, should see its completion before long. Consequently, the geothermal resources of the City (hot springs, outlet temperatures of 105̊ C, delivery 1,200 m3/dayàsilver, zinc, lithium, 8 more trace elements) are of further importance for bathing activities. 


>>>Situated: North of the foot of Hua Mountain.

>>>Surface of administrated area: 817 km²

>>>Population: 260,000 

>>> Address, Communication Nos.

>>> Address: Huayin Information Office, Huayin City (Weinan City)

>>> Postcode: 714200

>>> E-Mail: (

>>> (Chinese)

>>> Road Finder:>>> see here

>>> Logistic Advantages:

>>> Ro1ads: Motorway Xi’an to Zhengzhou passes Huayin nearby Distance to Xi’an (West): 120 km, to Luoyang (East): 230 km

>>> Road bridge to WNW of China, and towards the important Port Cities of China in the East/ Southeast,

>>> Rail: Huayin is a major transport nodal point with four railway stations, one of which is a marshalling station with a cargo handling capacity of 1 mio tons/a.

>>> Rail: At nearby "Longhai" Railway connection to Europe, in the Northwest, and to Lianyungang (North of Jiangsu Province)

>>> Air: Xi'an Airport (Distance: 144 km)

>>> Huayin Utilities and Living Environment 

>>> County services: Electricity, water available for industrial and residential use

>>> Healthcare:  No. of hospitals: 2,Nat. level A.2. Treatment of foreigners possible, if they are accompanied by an interpreter;

>>> Schools: Primary and secondary schools available, tuition in Chinese only;

>>> Sightseeing:>>>see more

>>> For Hotels>>>see here

>>> For industries>>>seehere

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