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Weinan Apple-Tree Plantations to become Models for Sino Kazakh Co-operation
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Weinan Apple-Tree Plantations to become Models for Sino Kazakh Co-operation


On March 20th, Weinan Fruit Industry Bureau was reported that nine apple demonstration parks shall be established byShaanxiProvinceinKazakhstan, whereby the respective plantations of Weinan in Baishui andFupingCountiesshall, among others, serve as models.

The fact marks the ongoing auspicious relationship betweenChinaandKazakhstan. If the demonstration parks will be established, this will not only reinforce the mutual communication and co-operation between the two countries, but will also a further impulse to the economic development for business along the old Silk Road. So far, however, such demonstration parks have been a marginal subject.


This year our provincial Fruit Industry Bureau will devote more efforts to improving brand marketing ability, while creating a strategy of “breeding branded agro-products, both on outside and on nearby markets” and explore the international markets more pro-actively. SetChinaandKazakhstan, as a case in point, then these friendship apple yards”” will serve as a guideline for future channels to be dug for fruits and for similar installations to eastern neighbours.


ShaanxiProvincehas first elected five cities to establish these nine Sino - Kazakh friendship apple demonstration yards: Xianyang, Weinan,Baoji, Yanan and Tongchuan. In the Weinan area, Baishui and Fuping counties are two confirmed ones.


With the launching of these Sino- Kazakh apple yards action, among others from Weinan, foreign exchange and co-operation will be enhanced, and a dream ofShaanxifruit industry will come to fruition with its leading role in this model exchange case.