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Weinan City Successfully Participates in NE-Asia Cities’Conference
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WeinanCitySuccessfully Participates in NE-Asia Cities’Conference


Weinan Dep’ty Mayor Liu Xin-xing attended the 8th Mayors-Conference of the Organisation of North-East Asian Mechanical Industry Cities, held between31/04/14and 03/04/14 inChangwon, ROK, with a Weinan delegation for the promotion of int’l business. The Conference was accompanied by a technology cum business exhibition of mechanical industries. On the occasion of the Organisation’s 40th anniversary, moreover, the Event was hosted and sponsored by the City ofChangwon’s Industrial Base and its enterprises.


The Weinan Delegation, led by Dep’ty Mayor Liu Xin-xing, was composed of executive managers from private enterprises, well-known inWeinanCity, e. g. from Weinan Dadong Printing & Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd , Shaanxi Rong Fa Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd., Weinan Fang Yuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.


Target for the attendance by Weinan was to rev up adaptation to the brisk changes and the the acquaintance with the development of worldwide economy and technology. In connection here with, the Weinan delegation was keen to establish and intensify communication and co-operation with respective cities from ROK and their industries, in a bid to raise int’l. competitiveness of Weinan enterprises and to promote the common development of mechanical and industrial technology inNortheast Asia.


During plenary sessions, eight member cities discussed the joint development programmme of the machinery industry and the concern of maintaining long-term exchanges on the basis of mutual equality; they eventually signed memoranda to reinforcing co-operation. The Organization also accepted the membership application by the Chinese citiesTangshanandBaojito join the Organization. Finally, the plenum opted for the next Mayors’ Conference to be held in Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province ofChina. The Dep’ty Mayor of Ma’anshan accepted this plea accompanying it by an address to the audience.


During the conference Mr. Liu Xin-xing, gave a presentation, during which he underscored Weinan’s unique regional, natural resource advantages, the industries’ costs advantages and the rare policy opportunities the City is in a position to concede in connection with the promotion of machinery industry. He also proposed to accelerate the establishment of a regular exchange mechanism between the member cities of the Organization of Mechanical Industrial Cities inNortheast Asiawith the intention to additionally facilitate larger industrial and technical co-operation projects; similarly, allowing for an enhanced, pragmatic co-operation should be envisaged. In this connection, also cultural exchanges expanding fields of culture, education, tourism and other aspects should be possible. Such co-operation should be sustainably reinforced proactively, so as to intensify contact channels more conveniently.


During the meeting, the participating companies ofWeinanCityliaised with nearly hundred companies from other member cities and learned their experience about inter-Organization trade, technology, import and export. Several companies also conducted technical demonstrations and showed some examples regarding technological development. Participants also took part in the Korea Industrial Development Forum and visited

the famous Doushan Heavy Industries Company of Changwon.


Weinan City focussed her activities on the achievement of signed co-operation agreements with related cities, based on the platform of the Organization of Mechanical Industrial Cities in Northeast Asia, on negotiations and discussions with other member cities and their industrial companies, respectively, about new co-operations, on expansions of existing long-term co-operation relationships with the enterprises of the Organization, on promotion of exchanges and co-operations between Weinan and other cities with a view to trade, industry and other areas, on supports for Weinan enterprises outside of our country, and on an active exploration of the international market.

During the exchange meeting, Weinan Dadong Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd conducted a technical promotion, signed a co-operation agreement about product sales, and negotiated about the technical exchanges and co-operation with the Doushan Heavy Industries Company.