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Weinan Companies participate in a Korean Sourcing Fair in Xi’an
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Weinan Companies participate in a Korean Sourcing Fair inXi’an


On April 14th, a Sourcing Fair was held inXi’anby Korean (ROK) Enterprises. The Korean delegation, led by the Korean Import & Export Industry Association, was one of the important delegations during this sourcing Event. 26 Weinan enterprises participated in this sourcing fair, which comprised many industrial fields, such as machinery, chemical, IT, food industries. As far as Weinan Municipal Commercial Affairs Bureau understood from the purchasing attitude of the Korean companies, they had pro-actively gathered more than 10 foreign trade companies including Luyi Food Co., Ltd; Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd; Ruizhi Trade Co. Ltd; Xinghua Fruits and Vegetables Co., Ltd, to also participate in the Fair for export mediation.

During this Fair, the foreign trade companies from Weinan, such as Hanxin Service Co. Ltd; HB Co. Ltd; Sanah Asian Trade Co., Ltd; Towebell Co., Ltd., had 30 “face to face” business discussions with Korean enterprises. and achieved some initial purchasing intentions. All enterprises agreed that they will make full use of new upsurge of business interest, ultimately induced by the appearance and the market operations of Samsung in Xi’an, to further extend co-operation with Korean enterprises and arrange their respective business advantages, so as to complement each other on the field of  exports consistently onr both sides, and expand the market share of Weinan export products in Korea.