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Weinan Delegation on the Sixth Xi’an(China) Agricultural and Sideline Product Fair
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On April 17th, the Sixth Xi’an (China) Sugar and Wine Agricultural and Sideline Product Fair (China Western Green Food Expo) was held in Xi’an International Exhibition Center. Weinan Industry Information Bureau could persuade 23 enterprises from all prefectural cities and counties to participate in this fair event , thus achieving to pool the largest number of Weinan companies of late to joining this Fair. Among Weinan companies were e. g. Shaanxi Jin Ziyang Co. LTD; Shaanxi Baishui Dukang Wine Co. LTD and Shaanxi Shanfu Flavour Co. LTD. More than 260 Weinan local specialties could be shown to the public during this expo.


Outstanding topics were “the development of green products” and the “lead to green consumption, which enabled presentation of achievements from many industrial areas, for instance, in terms of technology, safety, speeding up logistics for turnover etc. Purpose was similarly to showcase development of industry for healthy food and of established brands for “green” and “safe food”.


Mr. Meng Xian-zong, Vice-dir. of Weinan Industry Information Bureau, pinpointed that Weinan is a longstanding agricultural city, blessed with a unique advantage for food industry. Weinan has also a traditional industry. He felt that the City is now also well placed to bring its sideline food industry image to the limelight by this expo and improve its image as substantial producers. He also emphasized the promising attainments of green food industry and of specialties of modern agriculture. In such situation broadening the knowledge including inventive ideas and studying the abounding experience of companies from outside is the dictate of the hour.