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Success of a Training for Walnut Farmers of Hua County by a Foreign Expert
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Success of a Training for Walnut Farmers ofHuaCountyby a Foreign Expert


On April 30th, Prof. David L. McNeil from theUniversityofTasmania,Australia, and agricultural expert for the cultivation of walnut trees, conducted an exclusive training to farmers of Gaotang town, Huaxian,WeinanCity, on walnut tree management, following a respective invitation by the Bureaus of Human Resource, Social Security and Forestry, also  the local Government of Gaotang town. Prof. Liu Zhao-bin from Northwest Sci-Tech University of Agriculture translated the presentation and training of his colleague McNeil.


During thistraining session, Prof. McNeil tried to enrich the experience on the local county walnut cultivation and on walnut plantation in Hua County by his personal one in an impressive way, be it regarding Walnut fertilizer management, be it regarding pest control and other aspects. All peasants attending the training shared this presentation vividly, and Prof. McNeil interacted in depth with the audience.


The majority of walnut growers were excited, when they heard about the opportunity of this training lesson for them by a foreign expert; they listened carefully, reacted with enthusiasm to Prof. McNeil’s explanations, following which they asked the foreign expert to come and see their own walnut trees. Prof. McNeil, eventually, agreed to be guided to a plantation of one of the villagers. Careful observation showed soon the infection of the trees, against which Prof. McNeil provided herbicide and insecticide "prescriptions"


Farmer Zhang explained later that "although walnut yields have improved in recent years, the disease phenomenon caused a headache to me. Now I am happy about an expert’s successful guidance. I have to carefully manage the right medicine and I am upbeating that this year's harvest can be further stepped up”.