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Tongguan Mulls over Best Positioning of its Historic City
Keywords:tongguan mulls over best positioning its historic city

Tongguan Mulls over Best Positioning of its Historic City


On May 9th,TongguanCountyheld a “tourism planning review meeting” for the protection ofTongguanHistoricCitynamed Dongshan Tourism Area. Experts and some related county-government heads attended this meeting.


The Planning Unit, Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute, presented an important report on " Tongguan Historic City Protection Plan" focusing mainly on the characteristics of theAncientCity, her value, the importance ofherprotection and on the general idea of herdevelopment. There was an agreement during the meeting that planning units mastered to play out much of the basic information and realized a comprehensive analysis cum demonstration of historic facts. While planning, the Design Institute employed methods for the clarification of the relics, the methods for their rehabilitation, the refining of their profiles, and the accentuation of the ancient City’s characteristics in their comprehensive cum authenticity. The accuracy of the planning approach, rich in content and illustrations, meets the regulatory requirements. The attendants of the planning meeting eventually agreed by acclamation on the Design Institute’s findings, and projected to further accompany the proposed realization by opinions and suggestions.


Mr. He Shu-mao,County Party Secretary ofTongguanCounty,portended that the protection scheme of this ancient City should be combined with that for the general development of Guantian Economic Zone. He also distinctly pointed out that this ancient City was the eastern starting point of theSilk Road. Protection of this City should, however, be considered as a core part of the “Qin Jin Yu Yellow River” Reconstruction-Project at the “Golden Triangle”( of three provinces).Some palpable projects are right now trying to generate the construction of a new Commercial District illustrating history and culture of the entire area in combination with both, ecological and architectural aspects, much more conspicuously. They are visualizing a modern concept according to which the ecological requirements of protection and restoration ofTongguanAncientCityin a broader context are considered to become visible clearer. The astute merger of the projects to restore and protect both theAncientCityand the construction of Dongshan scenic spot should therefore endeavor to achieve perfection. This merger promotes principles for ecological, recreational and modern liberal aspects; it is, in addition, consistent with the scientific concept of development. Such combined project also lets people come to know the County and the support provided by the government for the protection cum restoration of theAncientCity. “In line with the intrinsic wish of the people of Tongguan, the combined project will be able to materialize”, as Mr He put it.

Mr Fan Zheng-xue,participant of the planning meeting,expressed satisfaction with the positive learning process that the general idea to conspicuously positionthe Project (for the reconstruction of theAncientCity) as part of the overall accurate positioning of Tongguan appears to be very sound. He also stressed that the protection and restoration of theAncientCityis one key aspect for the county tourism. In line with the desire of people, however,also as an important measure to achieve a comprehensive restructuring and development cum, protection and restoration work, the comprehensive project should fully reflect the experts’ advice, to consider Tongguan people’s ancient city complex as part of the idea of positioning the City in historical and modern aspects, thus serving as an act of”groundbreaking” for the realization for the realization of an old dream of Tongguan people.