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Mr. Xi Zheng-ping Attends the Mayors’ Forum of Maritime Silk Road
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Mr. Xi Zheng-pingAttends the Mayors’ Forum ofMaritime Silk Road


On May 18th, the Sixteenth Cross-strait Economic and Trade Fair was held inFuzhou,FujianProvince. For the first time, a delegation from Weinan, guided by Weinan’s Mayor, Mr. Xi Zheng-ping, joined this Forum.


One day earlier, the Weinan Investment Environment Explanation Meeting took place during the afternoon.

On this Meeting, Mr Xi first addressed the audience by introducingWeinanCitywith herlong history, her longstanding cultural heritage. The City is seated at a place, where connection from and to all horizons of her territory is easily possible with very convenient traffic connections. The City is, moreover, disposing of abundant resources and natural advantages permitting unique co-operation opportunities, allowing for unparalleled prevailing policies and for industrial development. Weinan enjoys also a beneficial environmental quality, ample values, and excellent economic prospects.

Mr.Xi also accented that, at present, Weinan is paying much attention to the development of resources, as a key issue, and to interesting of advantageous industries for investment. On the territory of the City eight clusters have been formed comprising, among others, the equipment manufacturing industry. In addition, 13 leading special industrial parks were established including the Weinan state-level High-tech Development Zone, Weinan Economic and Technological Development Zone and “Luyang Lake Modern Industrial Development Zone”, whereby the two last ones are development zones on provincial-level They are all equipped with an advanced infrastructure, complete supporting facilities, fully equipped and in a position to host more industrial clusters. Mr. Xi, thereafter, underscored thatWeinanCityis a hospitable hot spot for ventures. So, he called sincerely for customers to do business and invest in Weinan for their prosperous development in the future.


During the following 21st Mayor Forum of theMaritime Silk Road, Mr.Xi Zheng-ping reiterated  Weinan’s presentation comprehensively and pinpointed the City's situation cum development advantages. He stressed that the Municipal Government of Weinan will make use of her strategic opportunities, while focusing on the Central Plain of Guanzhong, crystallizing to become a new starting point of the Xi'an Silk Road. The City is going to be shaped as an idyllic City with an eco-friendly industry an industrial structure optimization, the continuous upgrading of the East-West co-operation, and she is, beyond that, developed as a first-class international tourist destination, also as an agricultural base with marketization, branding, and tourist spots on international level. No efforts shall be spared by Weinan people and the Government to establish one of the important cities along thisSilk Road.


Before the meeting, Mr. Xi Zhengping also paid a visit to the “FuzhouStraitsInternationalConference & ExhibitionCenter” and gave a sincere introduction on the preparatory of the exhibit work for the booth of Weinan exhibition area.

Weinan participated in the economic co-operation exhibition for the first time. Further eight exhibitors from Fuping County, Linwei District, High-Tech Zone, Pucheng County, Dali County participated in this exhibition, which covered the areas of dairy industry, wine, tea, fruits and vegetables, paper cutting, straw craft. lithium-ion batteries, 3D printing and other specialty products, which roused the attention of many merchants. The exhibition will last until May 22rd.