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“Golden Triangle of Yellow River”-Meeting Gathers Private Entrepreneurs in Weinan
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“Golden Triangle ofYellow River”-Meeting Gathers Private Entrepreneurs in Weinan


On May 14th, an activity called “Private Entrepreneurs” was held by the Chamber of Commerce overviewing the “Golden Triangle of Yellow River”. It was organized by the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce and by Weinan Municipal Government.The Cities ofYuncheng, Linfen, Sanmenxia, and more than 60 famous private entrepreneurs and associations attended this event.


In recent years, Weinan keeps upholding the concept of entrepreneurial relevance embracing, the effort to shape a high quality service and outstanding ventures. In line with this concept, the City was attempting to gain entrepreneurs seeking for investment in Weinan and to achieve economic benefits, an appropriate social standing cum political honors. They were meant to attempt the promotion of pragmatic co-operation with modern agriculture, cultural tourism and other fields, in order to yield their own development. Investors may have similar common development goals.

During the meeting, 5 tourism projects, for instance, tourism in the ancientCountyofDali, were signed on the spot during this recommended meeting.

After the meeting, participants could avail of the advantage of a two days’ roaming through the Economic Development Zone, the Hi-tech Zone,Dali County, Pucheng County, Fuping County, and have in-depth discussions on mutual interests.