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Co-operation of Weinan City with Int’l. Friendly City Amur (russ. Name in Pinyin) initiated
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Co-operation of Weinan City with Int’l. Friendly City Amur(russ. Name in Pinyin) initiated


On May 24th, the third Signing Ceremony for the Shaanxi Provincial Project “Co-operation  with Int’l Friendly Cities” was held in Weinan and mainly organized by Weinan Municipal Government. The Mayor of AmurCity, Mr. MihajlovicJohn. Vladimir signed the Letter of Intent (LOI) for the establishment of co-operation between friendly cities along with the Mayor of Weinan City, Mr. Xi Zheng-ping. The signing ceremony marks a substantial step of both sides towards becoming twinning cities later.


The Governor of Shaanxi, Mr. Lou Qinjian, Vice-Governor, Mr Jiang Ze-lin, and the Mayor of Xián, Mr Dong Jun, attended  the Ceremony.


Amur(russ. Name in Pinyin)City held first a brief introductory conference with Weinan City, on subjects of economy, culture and tourism. Thereafter, Messrs. Xi and Mihajlovic John. Vladimir signed the Letter of Intent for friendly co-operation.


Following this Ceremony, Mr  Mihajlovic John. Vladimir and his delegation paid a visit to the booth area of Weinan on this Forum of Xi’an and had discussions there with the staff of the “18th China East-West Co-operation and Investment Trade Conference for the International Silk Road Expo”. Mr Mihajlovic John. Vladimir underlined the importance of this signature of the LOI with Weinan City for a following conclusion of a twinning agreement with Weinan City. It marks a significant step for Amur(russ. Name in Pinyin) city. He assured to be fully satisfied regarding his expectations in this trip to Weinan, and was hopeful that this first step for a co-operation will have positive impacts on the expansion of relations including the achievement of a mutual win-win situation.


Mr Xi Zheng-ping gave a specific overview on the development of Weinan City. He sincerely hoped that both two sides would be conjoined like a strands of a rope to strengthen and further tie co-operation on economy, culture, tourism, but and also education, with some pro-active preparations of a friendly, long relationship, which endeavours to accomplish a beneficial environment of the social and economic development of both sides.