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Weinan Spurring Realization of a Qingdao Beer Distribution Project Worth RMB 600 mn.
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Weinan Spurring Realization of aQingdaoBeer Distribution Project

Worth RMB 600 mn.

Lately, Weinan EDZ has officially gave notice to concentrate more on eight city- level projects, then assuring that all of these projects will be carried out successfully.

In order to achieve apositive results for a 600-mn. large-scale beer distribution project in Weinan, the ground department of Weinan EDZ, as well as the municipal real estate administration department highlighted their wish to have a successful co-operation with Qingdao Beer(Weinan) Co. Ltd for its ongoing established subsidiaries, and to overcome issues with said company. It has projected to invest RMB 600 mn for eight beer sales projects promotion outlets expected to sell 400mn liters of beer annually. This project is one  of the 8 city-level key projects and also the only provincial-level industrial key project under construction in Weinan. ``Investment for the first phase of this project shall reach RMB 400 mn, which shall be operative by the end of this year. At present. however, only investment of RMB 174 mn could be achieved.

Given this situation, the leaders of Weinan EDZ instructed all departments concerned to save every minute and second” to permute the success factors of quality and safety, spare no effort to speed up construction progress, and assist the  construction party to achieve a better communication with peasants living around the construction sites, to gain their understanding and support. Beyond this, the construction sites should increase the number of staff and workers, so as to ensure that a number of 140 workers will be working on the site.

Regarding the pertaining sewage issues, a new sewage treatment plant shall be  established before July and become operative shortly before October 2014.