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Hua County of Weinan City on the Chase for FA-Investment in 2014
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HuaCountyofWeinanCityon the Chase for FA-Investment in 2014

RMB 6.11 bn of  Targeted RMB 12.2 Realized by June

HuaCountythis year is reported to having completed 60 key construction projects on provincial-, city- and county-level (fixed-asset investment). The entire investment planned forHuaCountywas RMB 23.3 of an annual investment of RMB 12.2bn, it has completed an investment of RMB 6.11 bn by the end of June 2014 marking 50.1% its total investment tasks.

As far as the four city-level projects within the County are separately considered, all of them were startedand a value of RMB 860 mn or 74.18% of the County’s annual investment targets of this plan will be completed in due course, which means a remarkable over-fulfilment of this part of its targets.
Hua County will now pro-actively find more new investment opportunities, while adopting three measures, i. e. by enhancing strategic plans, by avoiding shortcomings, and by attracting further investment, so as thus to ensuring the key project construction and the coordinated growth of fixed- asset investment.

To achieve a position of enhancing the strategic plan,HuaCountyhas to obtain more information on projects under construction and to try of tackling more projects on provincial government level for realization.

To control shortcomings,arrangements for project managers will be made to find further projects onthecountry side, conduct a systematic tracking forprojectinformationand for opportunities ofmeaningful investment within the six areasof boththe provincial and the municipal investment, of cross-regional, urban and rural housing, etc. real estate handling,all having to be reconciled to reach the goal of the total pan.

Attraction of investment will consist of actively hitching the 17 contracts initiated during the 18th Forum inXi’an. by providing immediate services for supporting these projects with all first-phase preparations, by striving to achieve the final signing for projects’ start-up asap. and by managing their commissioning for operation at an early date.