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Weinan’s Innovative Agri-Management Policy hits the Interest of China’s Central Government
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Weinan’s Innovative Agri-Management Policy hits the Interest ofChina’s Central Government


In a bid to extend the administrative efficiency, Weinan Municipal Government has introduced the “one-card”- and “one-stop-shop” policy for all inevitable administrative contacts of farmer-households of the City. Previous numerous administrative lengthy, repeated contacts (about 40 altogether in number including the real estate situation, insurance, credit, tax, living conditions, other matters etc.) required maddening motions by farmers with all departments concerned of the City’s administration. This shall be altered for an important and innovative alleviation now. Weinan Municipal Government had taken the initiative for a drastic, innovative reform of this state withinShaanxiProvincein 2013 already. It resulted in a service based on “One-Chip-Card” per farmer-household (management card) and in the installation of a One-Stop-Shop” for farmers. “They contact now only one counter of the local government, submit their individual management card, which shows the valid present-day position of all subjects. The counter receives the farmers’ request, immediately involves the municipal department/s concerned, and has an answer produced asap keeping all previously required contacts and/or actions with several municipal departments in the background. Possible negotiations between the inquiring farmer and the administration are also handled by the “One-Stop-Shop” with the assistance of the municipal dept. concerned.


Since the establishment the Policy, an additional central municipal office for agricultural funds concerning all county governments of the City and their villages has set up and is managing 335 financial convenience inns, where farmers are able to receive support now easily and directly with one management card and also loans according to their own credit-situation.


It is evident that such approaches organize the contacts suitably and thus reduces contacts quantitatively to a minimum.


The Central Ministry of Finance “got wind” of Weinan Government’s move. Given the historical and present-day importance of agricultural issues inChinaand the efficiency cum transparency of Weinan’s move,the Ministry wants to have a closer look to Weinan’s innovation.On July 9th, 2014 Central Government’s financial officials came to the City for some more in-depth investigations.


The intentionto geographically extend the use of the “One-Card” and the installation of the “One-Stop-Shop” Policy appears to loom large.The Ministry of Finance alone has provided loans to an amount of RMB 350 mn. toWeinanCity; about 13,000 farmer households in Weinan are benefitting from those loans. Yet, they have also to be supervised.