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Hancheng City to Make the Most of an Economic Lull
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HanchengCityto Make the Most of an Economic Lull


Viewing the pressure of the current economic lull and the heavily strained financial resources, Hancheng City turns to its chores by completing urged fixed asset key -construction projects amounting to RMB 9 mn, thus ridding herself gradually of her duties regarding project constructions of emphasized importance, of possible later difficulties for non-allegiance, and vows to strictly adhere to the key project responsibility system released by the leaders, with which Hancheng Government wants to strengthen co-ordination, supervision andEvaluation.All of these measures are supposed to pro-actively speed up the progress of the fixed-asset projects.

By the end of June 2014, 113 key projects shall be completed denoting an investment of RMB 9 bn. and resulting in 50.8% of the annual fixed-asset construction plan.


Since the beginning of 2014, Hancheng Government has focused on the construction of “One city, two districts” as well as on the ecological environmental management scheme, all in a bid to realizing the eventual annual fixed-asset programme. Thus 113 completed key projects and 141 sub-projects will result in a total investment RMB 42.47 bn, of which RMB17.7 bn anticipated the investment to be achieved in this running year.


In the area of Longmen Economic Technical Development Zone, Shaanxi Beiqiang Energy Company (total investment of RMB 680 mn) is working at present for the project of extracting 100 thousand tons of lNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) mainly eyeing the comprehensive utilization of free coke-oven gas of Haiyan Coking Company. Currently, the construction of basic work is underway comprising the equipment and the foundation constructions of the plant; eventually an investment of RMB 126 mn can be realized.

For the second phase of the construction project on National first-class highway No.108, the basic body of the road was uncovered, after all steps of preliminary works were completed. The total length of this highway is11.86 km. Seven medium-sized and large-size bridges are projected on this highway against standard design. The northern part of the highway will be completed by October, 2014.

Another important project is the relocation of Hancheng People’s Hospital, for which the total investment of will run up to RMB 526 mn on a new ground comprising 276 mu. An investment RMB 250 mn was projected for this year, of which RMB 160 mn have been realized, at present. Now the positioning work for the 10th floor of the new hospital building is underway.