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Weinan Fuping County to Gain Appeal for the Brand of “Pink Lady” Apples
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WeinanFupingCountyto Gain Appeal for the Brand of “Pink Lady” Apples

On June 31st, the Australian Apple & Pear Co. Ltd and Fuping Jiaren Fruit Industry Co., Ltd staged an int’l. branding ceremony following licensing ofFupingCounty’s apples called “Pink Lady”.

During this ceremony, also another remarkable deal between Fuping Jiaren Fruit Industry Co., Ltd and Shanghai Junguo Industrial Limited Company materialized with the signing of asale agreement.


Fuping “Pink Lady” apples was developed and introduced by Mr. Zhao Zheng-yang, an expert ofNorthwestAgriculture & ForestryUniversity. The type of apples was groomed and promoted during more than ten years. During this time, the growing area expanded to now 80,000 mu (>5,333 ha) and marks an annual output of 60,000 tons.


The “Pink Lady” apple base has been tested by both track inspection and technical guidance, thus eventually reaching the GAP approval standards. It is admitted among different customers not only nation-wide but also internationally because of its bright and healthy colour, its fresh taste and its full seed pod. Moreover, its quality and comprehensive management standard has kept pursuing the international track, which eventually generated the “Pink Lady” quality brand standard.


The price of the “Pink Lady” apple is the highest one worldwide. For this brand, auditors gave their credits to Fuping Jiaren Co., Ltd. It is the first company inChinahaving succeeded in Fuping Pink Lady apple to reach this international quality standard. Against such backdrop,FupingCountybecame, moreover, one of the respective international sales alliance members. The County’s pro-active actions will further excite rapture by farmers for having laid a solid foundation toFupingCounty, even toWeinanCity, to gain access to the international market.