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The hotspring pool, is located at the border of the wetlands next to the Yellow Ricer  It jerks up  clear water which is sparking with mildly warm temperatures from the bottom of the pool.
The surroundings have so far  been slightly developed. This appears to be an advantage, as it leaves a genuine impression of the nature around theYellow River.
The name of the pool, The Virgin Spring, was discovered following one of the changes of course by theYellow River. Its name was affiliated to an ancient legend of Qiachuan being. the hometown of King Wen’s mother, Tairen (Western Zhou Dynasty 1046- 771 B.C.),. A beauty, called Taisi, was found bathing in the hotspring pool, All of the  conjunctures attracted King Wen. He married her as his concubine. Later, Qiachuan developed the observance that all girls. who were about to becoming married, had to take a bath in the pool, as this was supposed to bring luck to their new wedlock life.
The place is worthwhile to be visited, as  it imparts the impression of a vast and splendid  nature along the border of the Yellow River

Virgin Spring