Townhall's Info & Guidance
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6         Townhall's Information and Guidance

6.1      Why Weinan

Northern Part of Hua Mountain

The City extending through a total surface of >13,400 km2 has the advantage of

>>>Disposing of rich mineral resources: Coal in abundance (petro-chemical industry), Molybdenum (1.5 mn. to, 2nd position in CN),
       Gold (217,000 to; 50% of the province's resources, with respective processing companies, moreover,>>>see here ;

>>> Featuring a longstanding and well developed agriculture (for food and various types of medicinal plants) and well-doing respective
       food processing industry including a promising bio-medicine industry>>> see here . (Last "arrival'intermediately,
       for food-processing industry in March '14: well- known China Haoji Group with a large "green" Instant Noodle factory, as reported
       in our New of 12/03/14; read on the News-TickerHome Page or in theNews their advisement for joining Weinan Economic Zone on

>>> Showing as well a developed other industries, e. g. chemical production and a resp. processing industry, also an assembly
        industry for electronic products and Tele-communication material, stone-processing industry, arts & crafts industry
        for the manufacturing of leathern shadow figures being a "Unique iCultural Heritage" in Hua County of our City;>>> see here

>>> disposing of atrove for tourism industry (for hiking in the Qin Ling Mountain Range or – also very fascinating for connoisseurs
       – in the North of the City-Region, to visit numerous unique cultural monuments on Loess Plateau, not to forget the
       numerous hot spring places in the City-Region>>> see,otherwise

>>> having in most places now reached a fairly well-developed infrastructure for needs of tourists and are forging forward to further
      improving hospitableness for the guests of the City; higher demand would even accelerate improvement processes,
      >>> see here

      We are in a position to proffer such advantages without being hampered by the dreaded smog situations in our Region, and
      at very affordable price-levels at the doorstep of Xi'an City (way to the Centre of Xi'an City: max. 1 hour by car or by train)

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