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6.        Townhall's Information and Guidance

Paper Cutting, Grass Carp among Lotus Plants

6.2      The important Targets for Weinan City in 2013

6.2.1   The essential targets for Weinan City were set as mentioned below

>>> To reach the economic key figures set for by the present 5-Year's-Plan for 2015;

>>> To further improve residents'livelihood distinctly, and to this end

>>> To deepen the general reform-process introduced in the year of 2000

>>> To proactively continue and ensure the opening policy of the Nat. Govt.,

>>> To reinforce the NFM-industry,

>>> To pro-actively further long-term stability and social harmony.

6.2.2   The Importance and Leverage of Targets by the Policies for the Guanzhong-Tianshui Development

GTDA was established and approved by the Chinese State Council in June 2009.

Targets for this area comprise marked improvements of logistic tools cum industrial  facilities, and a social cum constructive re-organisation of the conurbation for 8 cities on an area covering atotal surface of ~80,000 km2,with a population of: ~ 28.4 mn.

GTDA is, against the impression it may leave to many western viewers, not an administratively defined area, but a collection of instructions, which should materialise in this geographical area. GTDA is, per se, also not endowed with administrative tools to assert the application of its instructions.

The significance of GTDA had, therefore, been accentuated by the Chinese Government in its present, the 12th Five –Years'Plan. thus seeing their importance shifted from a mere list of desirables to a collection of instructions becoming part of the Plan, which have to be transacted within the periods designed, and which are subject to control and verification.

GTDA is geographically, one of the three essential areas for the "Go West - Policy of the National Govt.

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